[Review] Mamamoo Gets Colorful With ‘Paint Me’

Mamamoo still riding on the wave of success from last year’s ‘Dad Joke’s’, release a new power ballad ‘Paint Me’. The song depicts the ups and downs of a relationship signified with the colors red, yellow, white and blue. Another welcome surprise for fans is that the rapper, Moonbyul, shows off her singing abilities!

If this song is any representation of the remaining tracks for the next mini or full length album, I’m intrigued. Mamamoo is known for their great singing abilities and fun concepts, but sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the voices without the frills. Just like in their Melting album review, I loved ‘I Miss You’ because of the stripped down feel. Overall, the song is for the most part sung in a much lower register compared to their other more pop based songs like ‘Um oh ah yeh’. The star of the song is the chorus; a very in your face belt mainly sung by Hwasa, Solar and Wheein. Moonbyul manages to balance out te three with a calmer style following the melody. There’s one point in the song where she does the tiniest run, but it is done tastefully.If you’re a fan of the group’s more upbeat style, this may not be on your playlist. Slower songs like these can easily become a contest who can do the most runs or a flat song that lacks emotion. Thankfully the runs, while not as neat as some songs (a la Woohoo), are pretty without being overpowering. The music video, much like the song is simple featuring the ladies in solo shots and group shots around the piano in their respective colors. Honestly, we didn’t need a video for this song; the song itself is a nice opener for the New Year and new music.


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