[Review] Mamamoo Gets Colorful With ‘Paint Me’

Mamamoo still riding on the wave of success from last year’s ‘Dad Joke’s’, release a new power ballad ‘Paint Me’. The song depicts the ups and downs of a relationship signified with the colors red, yellow, white and blue. Another welcome surprise for fans is that the rapper, Moonbyul, shows off her singing abilities! If this song is any representation of the remaining tracks for … Continue reading [Review] Mamamoo Gets Colorful With ‘Paint Me’

[Review] Mamamoo’s “Melting” Is A Collection Of Mismatched But Good Songs

As per usual Mamamoo bring a pleasant fusion of jazz, R&B and hip hop on their first album Melting.  There’s nothing better than a diss track except maybe a diss track to people in the same group! Mamamoo opens the album with Pride of 1cm showing off their rap skills as well as their playful side. The girls who jokingly talk about each others height in other … Continue reading [Review] Mamamoo’s “Melting” Is A Collection Of Mismatched But Good Songs

[Concert Coverage] Epik High in Dallas

June 5th, Epik High took the stage at South Side music Hall for the Dallas leg of their incredibly successful North American Tour! *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * All of Dallas is here. #EPIKHIGH #EPIKDALLAS #EpikHighTour A video posted by Tablo of Epik High (@blobyblo) on … Continue reading [Concert Coverage] Epik High in Dallas

Yoochun’s Next to Enlist

It has been announced that another member of JYJ will be joining the army soon! According to Yoochun’s label C-Jes Entertainment via OSEN, “Yoochun will be enlisting on August 27th.” The first member to enlist Jaejoong, who has recently completed basic training, will be serving at the 55th Division of the Bonghwa Troops. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Google+ Continue reading Yoochun’s Next to Enlist

Strawberry Milk Debuts With Absolutely Sweet New Song, “OK”

Twin sister’s ChoA & Way of Crayon Pop have formed sub-unit, Strawberry Milk. Crayon Pop were the breakout stars of 2013 with their viral sensation, “Bar Bar Bar,” a fun song with crisp marching style choreography. This duo does not disappoint in keeping with the Crayon Pop fun and playful concept that we know and love. “Ok” will appear on their mini album, The First Mini Album, along with their other … Continue reading Strawberry Milk Debuts With Absolutely Sweet New Song, “OK”

[Review] What is Luv?

Soulful singer, ALi, is back with her latest single “What is LUV” featuring rapper Loco, a cast member of the MNet show, ‘Show Me the Money’. The single is reggae influenced with lyrics written by another chart topping R&B crooner, Wheesung. She released her EP ‘Eraser‘ last year followed by a few singles earlier this year. ALi has collaborated with rap duo, LeeSsang on songs from their … Continue reading [Review] What is Luv?