[Shout Out To 2017] Top 50 Songs Of 2017

Qualification: Released December 10th 2016-December 15, 2017

My rankings are by no means deep or critical, and depending on my mood they can be drastically different. I mean it started out at 25 and here we are with 50. As with any of these year-end lists it’s a collection of songs I love for one reason or another. So please just enjoy. You can even kick back with a hot beverage of choice and enjoy my Top 50 Songs of 2017 list in playlist form (which can be at the end of the list).

50. (Snow) ft. 이문세 (Lee Moon Sae) by 자이언 (Zion.T)
Album: (Snow) (Single) | Release: December 4, 2017 | Listen

This collaboration between Zion.T and Lee Moon Sae is a case for today’s big names working with their sunbaes. Snow is raw and romantic and timeless, and fits snuggly and seamlessly into Zion.T’s catalog, as well as Lee Moon Sae’s massive discography.

Other Notable 2017 Zion.T Releases: 노래 (The Song), 나쁜 놈들 (Bad Guys)Complex ft. G-용 (G-Dragon)
49. 최고의 선물 (The Best Present) (Prod. by PSY) by (Rain)
Album: 선물 (Single) | Release: January 15, 2017 | Listen
Other Notable 2017 Releases From Rain: 깡 (Gang)

48. Camo by 보아 (BoA)
Album: Camo (Single) | Release: June 26, 2017 | Listen

“Camo” is a solid song and BoA delivers at every step of the way on, her vocals, her choreography, her visuals.

47. By Your Side ft. 진보 (Jinbo) by 후디 (Hoody)
Album: On And On | Release: December 16, 2016 | Listen

Hoody is currently AOMG’s only woman artist and she has been holding her own amongst the boys with songs like ’By Your Side’ that bring something fresh to a label that is heavy in Rap, Hip Hop and Trap music.

Other Notable 2017 Releases From Hoody: 한강 (Hangang)

46. Donut ft. 박재범 (Park Jaebeom) by pH-1
Album: The Island Kid | Release: October 18, 2017 | Listen

Donut is a feel good bop, it’s not brilliant lyrically, but it sounds good and fun, and there is a time, place and need for that.

45. No Thanxxx ft. 민호 (Mino), 사이먼 (Simon D) & 더콰이엇 (The Quiett) by 에픽하이 (Epik High)
Album: We’ve Done Something Wonderful | Release: October 23, 2017 | Listen

While I really enjoyed ‘WDSW’ a lot, it was deep and emotional, but a lot of the songs lacked the bite that Epik High songs typically have, relying more the lyricism than the instrumental. “No Thanxxx,” however gave me that edge I was looking for on the album.

Other Notable 2017 Releases From Epik High: 난 사람이 제일 무서워 (People Scare Me)Here Come The Regrets ft. 이하이 (Lee Hi)

44. Lip & Hip by 현아 (HyunA)

Album: Lip & Hip (Single) | Release: December 4, 2017 | Listen

My initial reaction to “Lip & Hip” was that I loved the song because it was a return to the music HyunA is most known for like “Red” or “How’s That.” The video, however, was lost on me. That is until I read Asian Junkie’s piece on the meaning of the “Lip & Hip” MV (but most importantly a read for the netizens who still insist on hating HyunA for not giving a single F about their standards), and then everything came together for me.

Whether she means to be or not HyunA is a feminist icon and “Lip & Hip” is another one of her song that allows for women artist in Korea to do the music they want, regardless of societal pressure, and still succeed.

Other Notable 2017 Releases From HyunA: See #30베베 (Babe)

43. Kill Me by Dumbfoundead
Album: Rocket Man | Release: December 13, 2017 | Listen
Other Notable 2017 Releases From Dumbfoundead: See #25, History of Violence ft. 챈슬러 (Chancellor), Rocket Man

42. Ko Ko Bop by 엑소 (EXO)
Album: The 4th Album- ‘The War’ | Release: July 18, 2017 | Listen
Other Notable 2017 Releases From EXO: 전야 (前夜) (The Eve), Power

41. Shall We Dance by 블락비 (Block B)
Album: Montage | Release: November 7, 2017  | Listen

“Shall We Dance” isn’t meant to be a deep or complex. It’s a club number and it does its job well, only under minded by the unfortunate hair choices in the MV.

I would, however, like to see some growth from Block B. I enjoyed “Shall We Dance”  and “Montague” as a whole. but it is a bit of regression for them after their album last year “Blooming Period.”

Other Notable 2017 Releases From Block B: My Zone일방적이야 (One Way)

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