VOTE In The 2016 A247 Awards


The A247 Awards are officially BACK! Help us give our last and biggest shout out to 2016 by voting to give your biases our unofficial awards! Voting is open starting DECEMBER 1ST at 12AM and allow repeat voting, so you can vote once or ten or even a hundred times for favs! Polls will close on DECEMBER 15TH at 11:59PM, then check in to the site on DECEMBER 22nd for the results!!

Be sure to look out for our other Shout Out’s to 2016, like the annual Favourite Songs of the Year list, and more. Now have fun and VOTE!


Bank Breaker


New Kid(s) On The Block


Best Use of A Solo Career


Worst Use of a Solo Career


Worth The Wait


Most Addictive Song


Best Kollabo


Hip Hop Song Of The Year




Best Post-Kpop Life


Less Is More


Biggest Shock


Biggest Loss


Featured Artist Of The Year


Song of the Year


Album of the Year


ROKstar of the Year


Share and get your friends to vote by using the #A247Award16 on social media!

Be sure to use the hashtag to get retweets/likes on your social media posts!!

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14 thoughts on “VOTE In The 2016 A247 Awards

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