The KSCS F*cks Up With Decisions On The K2 & Our Gap Soon

The Korean Communications Standards Commission (KSCS) held a hearing to discuss two scenes from Our Gap Soon, starring Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim, and The K2 starring Ji Chang Wook and YoonA of SNSD.

We’ve all become familiar with this scene by now, of Ji Chang Wook fighting naked in a sauna shower with a bunch of naked thugs.

The issue with the scene is of course the question of the nature of the expose of the men’s bodies:

The scene was reviewed on the grounds of being excessive for a family drama broadcasting at 8 p.m., and for violating the Broadcasting Deliberation Regulation Article 27 (Maintenance of dignity) Clause 5. The decided to give a recommendation to  not to have those kind of scenes.

The “punishment” is not so bad, but when compared to their comments on the scene from Our Gap Soon, it’s infuriating.

This scene was called into question for possibly breaching the Broadcasting Deliberation Regulation Article 27 (Maintenance of Dignity) Clause 5, and Article 30 (Gender Equality) Clause 2. However, it was given know flag, no “recommendation,” nothing with the reason given being, “We don’t think we should take issue with parts like this in dramas” and ruled, “There is no problem.”

This scene is assault. She said no multiple times and even if they ended up kissing and hugging, none if this “kiss scene” was consensual. The fact that the KSCS didn’t AT THE VERY LEAST give Our Gap Soon a recommendation for an very disturbing scene for a family drama, but gave one to that scene in The K2 that shows no more exposure than the typical shower scenes most dramas have, is a part of Korea’s very serious problem with passive misogyny and passive response to misogyny.

To get my more in depth thoughts on Korea’s relationship with misogyny read my piece on the subject at Seoulbeats and share your opinion on the KSCS’ decision in the comments or on our social media.

Source: Omona They Didn’t

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