RESULTS of the 2016 A247 Awards

It’s been a week since the polls on the 2016 A247 Awards closed, the votes have been tallied and boy did you guys really showed up for your favs in this year’s A247 Awards!! Check out all the winner from this year’s unofficial awards:   Don’t forget to check out our other SHOUT OUTS TO 2016!! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Google+ Continue reading RESULTS of the 2016 A247 Awards

VOTE In The 2016 A247 Awards

The A247 Awards are officially BACK! Help us give our last and biggest shout out to 2016 by voting to give your biases our unofficial awards! Voting is open starting DECEMBER 1ST at 12AM and allow repeat voting, so you can vote once or ten or even a hundred times for favs! Polls will close on DECEMBER 15TH at 11:59PM, then check in to the site on DECEMBER 22nd for … Continue reading VOTE In The 2016 A247 Awards

HyunA’s Schedule Gets Freed Up For More Solo & Troublemaker Promotions

4minute is done! CUBE has released an official statement stating: “As the contract end date approaches, the members have been in discussions for renewal, but while the agency tried to persuade them to continue the group, it ended up accepting the decision by the five members that they will not continue as a group…Due to the different opinion of the members, for all intents and purposes, the … Continue reading HyunA’s Schedule Gets Freed Up For More Solo & Troublemaker Promotions

Review: Harvest Moon

  4minute unit group, 2Yoon, made their debut with their 1st mini album, and lots of hillbilly influences. “24/7” is CUBE’s answer to Kpop Country music. I’ll admit it was creative of them to take on this bluegrass theme rather than just country. Country-Western themes have been attempted by lots of kpop acts like B1A4 or Dal★Shabet, but 2Yoon brought something new to the table by introducing the bluegrass elements in … Continue reading Review: Harvest Moon

2Yoon Channels Their Inner Farm Girls in “Harvest Moon” Teaser Photos

2Yoon reveals more teaser photos, and a piglet in the latest set of teaser photos for their debut album, which seems to be named…“Harvest Moon.” 2Yoon seems to be channeling their inner farm girls with this concept, and it has me a little wary, but we’ll see. Stay tuned to Asia 24/7 for more from 2Yoon who will be debuting on January 17th. Continue reading 2Yoon Channels Their Inner Farm Girls in “Harvest Moon” Teaser Photos

CUBE Tease 2Yoon Debut

A while back there was talk of a 4minute sub unit being created with the group’s two lead singers, Jiyoon, and Ga Yoon, and now CUBE has begun teasing the groups debut! The unit will be named, 2Yoon, and will debut on January 17th with mini album, “Y2N.” CUBE teased the group’s upcoming activity with this photo via Facebook yesterday: [2YOON] gaYOON+jiYOON=2YOON _________________________________________________________ Check out … Continue reading CUBE Tease 2Yoon Debut