[2013 Round Up] WTF Moments: Couples

2013 Round Up [WTF Moments]

One of 2013’s biggest trends was public dating, which opened the door to some of the weirdest, and shocking couples in Korean Entertainment history. Let’s take a look at the 2013 K-Couples that had fans saying, WTF?

Tony Ahn & Hyeri

1. Girls’ Day’s Hyeri & H.O.T’s Tony Ahn

This couple was hot topics from the moment it was revealed. With a 16 year age difference between the two lovers, fans were none to happy with this pairing. Personally, the age difference made no difference, the real problem lies with the difference in their lives. Tony is a semi-retired Kpop idol, while Hyeri is still active and has a long career ahead of her at age 20. There was just no way they could have been dating with this thought of marriage.

The couple did however come to an end in November.

Sulli & Choiza

2. f(x)’s Sulli & Dynamic Duo’s Choiza

This ‘Dynamic Duo’ (see what I did there) created a fire storm among fans when they were spotted walking hand in hand together on the streets of Seoul. They tried denying the couple but Investigative Netizens found photos of the couple out and about in the night before, and when they realized Sulli was sporting the same clothes she had been spotted in the next morning, fans were speculating a sleepover of sorts.

My double standard is showing, but I really don’t have a problem with this couple, despite the 14 year age difference. There hasn’t been much talk about the couple since they were ‘outed’ in September, but Asia 24/7 will be watching for updates in 2014!!

L & Kim Do Yeon

3. Infinite’s L & Kim “Chocolate Girl” Do Yeon

L of Infinite had his fan girls going crazy when the news hit that he was in a possible relationship with Kim Do Yeon also known as the “Chocolate Girl” after the two were spotted in a supermarket together. After further investigation of Kim Do Yeon’s Twitter account, fans started speculating the two were in a relationship for a while. After denying it in September, Woollim Entertainment later announced in November, that the two were and are in fact an item.

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