K-Idol Worship: Kahi to Finally Make Comeback, Gyuri & Seungyeon Join Instagram, Block B Promises a ‘Very Good’ Comeback & More

K-Idol Worship

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September 23


  • Block B gets fans ready for their full comeback with the release of their upcoming album’s tracklist
  • FT Island is back with new MV “Memory” from their 6th anniversary mini album, “Thanks To.”
  • Jaebeom establishes his own independent label AOMG. He is still signed to SidusHQ but he will be using AOMG to do other things with his career.
  • Lee Joon of MBLAQ is looking like a real badass in the trailer for “An Actor is An Actor.” The movie drops, in Korea, on October 24th!!!
  • SBS Inkigayo reveals teaser for Secret’s Ji Eun’s comeback
  • G-Dragon sets record by winning #1 on music programs with 3 different songs! He had this to say after his September 22nd win on SBS Inkigayo after his win for “Crooked”

Taking this as a sign that I should work harder, I will do just that.  Thanks to my fans and the staff.

  • Photos of JYJ’s Jaejoong at a club with a mysterious woman surfaces. C-Jes Entertainment released a statement later in the day saying it was Jaejoong sister:

“Jaejoong is the maknae of 9 siblings and has 8 noonas. He normally goes clubbing with his noonas and it seems the same goes for this day.”

September 24

  • BoA’s CF for Guinness beer released
  • Super Junior’s Heecul marks his return with a colorful photoshoot in Cosmopolitan October 2013, see here
  • Seo In Young releases her first MV teaser for “나를 사랑해줘 (Let Me Love)” featuring Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko
  • G.NA revealed to be hosting SNL Korea
  • Semi of Jewelry and Wassup featured in rapper KK’s new MV for “Boys Be” 
  • Rumors of former T-ara member Hwayoung joining Wellmade Entertainment, home to Lee Jong Suk, surface. According to agency reps:

“It seems like a connection was established while Hwayoung was looking for an entertainment company that could help her with both her singing and acting career.” 

  • Seo In Guk sends are hearts a flutter with shirtless, sweaty workout pics for Men’s Health September, 2013, see here
  • New boy band Demion tease their debut with a cameo from twerk-dols Wassup’s Wooju.

Demion had this to say about their debut:

“Starting with our debut song ‘Confess’, Demion is ready to take on various challenges. As much as this is our first step as a rookie group, we will work hard to become artists recognized by everyone.”

  • IU releases 2nd comeback teaser featuring Choi Baek Ho for song, “아이야 나랑 걷자 (Walk With Me, Girl),” and it sound amazing!
  • Son Ho Young’s agency reveals that after his suicide attempt he has no plans to return to entertainment:

“He’s living a normal lifestyle. We have not discussed a comeback at all.”

  • Infinite releases teaser for “Request”
  • During an interview with Dutch radio station, FunX, while on his European Tour, Jay Park revealed there was no bad blood between himself and 2pm, saying:

Some stuff happened, some controversy happened, we had to part ways, but there’s no bad blood or anything like that (on my part anyways). They’re very successful, I’m doing my own thing, so, everything worked out in the end.

  • Jiyoung of Kara sports bold makeup for Cosmopolitan September 2013, see here
  • Secret’s Ji Eun gets nailed to a wall for her “희망고문 (Hope Torture).”
  • LOEN Entertainment announces they will be mixing up their agency.

“We will be reorganizing our unified production business, which we’ve been running for the management of current artists, into separate labels, and through continued investment, we aim to expand our production business.” 

It will split into two labels, LOEN Tree Label and Collaboddari Label. LOEN Tree Label will be directed by producer Cho Young Chul and will be home to IU, , and Jo Han Sun. While Collaboddari Label, will directed by  ZiA and FIESTAR.

September 25

  • T-ara’s Soyeon is revealed to be dating Click B’s Oh Jong Hyuk, f(x)’s Sulli is spotted on a date with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, and L of Infinite is suspected of dating choco-holic Kim Do Yeon. Read all about the ‘sorted’ love stories of these three idols here
  • Thanks to dedicated VIPs G-Dragon is the winner of Fuse TV’s ‘Best New Artist,’ see here
  • Its finally going to happen people!!! Kahi is making her solo comeback on October 10th with mini album “Who Are You?” Pledis had this to say:

“Kahi will be releasing her second mini album ‘Who Are You?’ on October 10th…If her first mini album was her first step as a solo singer Kahi, then this album will be one that showcases the various charms of artist Kahi.”

  • SPICA releases the theme song for MNet’s Dancing 9
  • Thanks to dedicated VIPs G-Dragon is the winner of Fuse TV’s ‘Best New Artist,’ see here
  • Ga In leaves LOEN Entertainment and will start solo promotions under APOP Entertainment. Her group promotions will still remain with Nega Network

“In the case of Ga In, her albums were co-produced by LOEN and APOP Entertainment. As the contract for that project expired, Ga In left LOEN and will be promoting under APOP. Although her agency has changed, [Ga In] is free to cooperate with LOEN for her album production anytime.”

  • Justin Bieber just won’t leave G-Dragon, and Psy alone. After tweeting this message last week:

JB made another shout out to Psy and GD during his interview with Korean insurance company, AIA. I just pray a relation does not develop with GD & the Biebs. With Psy its almost inevitable, but please, at least save GD!

  • It was revealed that John Park will sing the congratulatory song at former Superstar K2 rival, Huh Gak’s wedding! A rep for John Park released this statement:

John Park will sing the congratulatory song at best friend Huh Gak’s wedding. Because they normally have a close friendship, he received the request to sing the congratulatory song without any hesitation.”

  • YG had promised us a September comeback for Big Bang’s Tae Yang, but according to insiders of the industry Taedaddy may actually be returning to the stage in October with TWO title tracks!

Taeyang is currently putting the finishing touches on his solo album. Taeyang personally participated as a producer for this album and put his heart and soul into the production which is why the album release date was pushed back later than expected…As [Taeyang] already filmed the music video for one of his double title tracks, his solo comeback will be coming soon. There is a high possibility that [Taeyang] will release his solo album mid-October.”

  • Boys Republic announces an October comeback with album “Identity,” and teases fans by releasing the tracklist:

01. I’m Ready
02. You Are Special To Me
03. What For
04. L.I.U
05. Party Rock
06. Special Girl
07. Orange Sky

  • BPPOP releases MV for “다퉜어 (Never Ever Let Me Go)”
  • T-ara gears up for their comeback with release of 1st MV teaser for “Number 9.” Still no signs of Dani, but their comeback is set for October 10th.

September 26

  • Thanks to Shinhwa’s Dongwan, musical “Le Passe Muraille” sells out in 10 minutes!
  • Heechul suggests that there may be more to Idol participation in MBC’s Idol Star Athletic Competition when he appears on  JTBC Ssul Jeon:

If they don’t go on the show, the broadcast station may turn their back on the idols. There’s a chance that if the idols reject the offer to appear, they may suffer disadvantages… There is nothing good that will come out from being on bad terms with a broadcast station.” He also added that even if idols participate, “There’s also the problem of being edited out of the show due to injuries.

T-ara teaser

  • T-ara releases teaser photos of Soyeon & Hyomin
  • Piggy Dolls is back again with 2nd MV since their member shake up, “Butterflies”
  • Tiny-G starts teasing a sexy comeback. The group revealed they will return to the stage after a 9 month hiatus with 3rd single, “Miss You,” on October 2nd
  • Huh Gak releases pics from his wedding photoshoot, and his soon-to-be wife is very pretty!
  • Thanks to Big Bang, 2ne1, and Psy, and heir 1 million plus subscribers, YG was awarded 3 ‘YouTube Partner Gold Play’ trophies. Their subscribers numbers are:

Psy: 6.5 million

Big Bang: 2 million +

2ne1: about 1.8 million.

All YG Entertainment YouTube channels: about 13.3 million

  • Amoeba Entertainment reveals that Choiza broke up with his girlfriend of 6 years only 2 months ago, but never actually denies his alleged relationship with Sulli with this statement:

At this time, it is being said they broke up one month ago, but it has actually been two monthsHis ex-girlfriend must have also needed time to resolve her feelings so we feel sorry that something like this has happened.

  • JYJ’s Xiah may have left “Elizabeth,” but he will be back to the music stage in December with musical, “December.” C-Jes Entertainment had this to say:

“Junsu will take on his next musical ‘December’. As much as he received love from the public through his musicals during the past three years, he is positively reviewing this production through which he will be able to show the depth of another character. [Junsu] decided to feature in the creative musical with Kim Kwang Suk sunbaenim’s music, which portrays the story of a young man’s life.”

  • Get ready fan girls. H2 Media revealed MYNAME is coming back on October 11th.


  • Block B teases fans with a ‘Very Very Good’ teaser photo. Zico’s hair is blowing my mind btw.
  • Gil makes fans laugh with his response to the Choiza/Sulli scandal by using the Hip Hop Diss Battles from earlier in the year as a reference:

Translation: “Choiza… Downloading the ‘Control’ beat”

Seo In Young gives us a better taste of what her comeback song, “나를 사랑해줘 (Let Me Love)” will sound like with her 2nd teaser video.

September 27

Gyuri Instagram

  • Goddess Gyuri joins instagram with a selca befitting of her nickname, follow her here
  • MBC responds Heechul’s comments about the consequences of not participating in their Idol Star Athletic Competition

“We heard about Heechul’s comments on JTBC’s ‘Ssul Jeon’. Expressing diverse thoughts like that is one of the special traits of ‘Ssul Jeon’, so we don’t think it’s something to read into…It seems like rumors about idol groups suffering disadvantages on MBC’s music programs if they don’t appear on ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ have been raised a few times. However, in reality, even in this year’s filming there were several cases of idol groups that couldn’t make the filming because of their schedules…Since the response to this past Chuseok special was good, we are thinking towards the direction of doing one… However, as there is still some time left, we’ll have to discuss it when it gets closer to the date.”

Personally, I feel that if an artist from ANY other agency other than SM had said this, MBC’s response would have been different….Just saying


  • YG Entertainment revealed the movie posters for upcoming movie, “Alumni,” which features a cut up and teary eyed T.O.P. “Alumni” comes to Korean theaters in November!
  • Ulala Session releases Draw from “Scandel” OST
  • Super Junior revealed during their Sawa GO! Hasha GO! Moriagarima SHOW! E.L.F-JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013, that their 5th Japanese single, “Blue World” was set for release in December
  • Two fan sites for Infinite’s L leave ridiculously overdramatic messages before shutting down, following his relationship rumors with Kim Do Yeon. The first, “Master of Affection” posted this message:

Taking a small break as we’ve dashed forward only looking ahead.  Myungsoo, you said you wanted to be a shining light.  Didn’t your fans go deeper into the darkness in order to make you shine?  Then you should’ve protected yourself more preciously.

The 2nd page, ‘Focus L’ wrote this message before its closure:

It only takes a fleeting moment for a star in the sky to become a falling star.  Search once more to discover what kind of life you lead.

  • Crayon Pop holds tight to their tracksuits, and bouncy choreography for new MV “Dancing Queen 2.0”
  • Kim Ye Rim channels Madonna, while L of Infinite is Elvis Castello for W October, 2013, see here
  • Movie trailer for “Alumni” revealed

Bangtan Boys are PERFECTION for “N.O” performance on the September 27 episode of KBS Music Bank, plus the wardrobe malfunctions & nip slips are nothing to complain about.

September 28

  • Teen Top models for Vogue Girl October 2013, see here
  • Sistar’s So You, and Mad Clown win #1 for song “Stupid Love” on MBC Music Core
  • Seungyeon of Kara joins Instagram, follow her here
  • Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, and her labelmates Kai & Lay of EXO dance to “Centipede” and “COCO” for MNet’s Dancing 9
  • Teen Top mashes their latest hit, “Rocking” with cover song, “환희 (Joy)” by Jung Soo Ra for Immortal Song 2

September 29

  • Youtube launches an official Kpop channel, subscribe here

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