News From Hallyuwood: Ji Seong & Lee Bo Young Get Hitched, Kim Woo Bin GF Revealed, Joo Won Leaving 2D1N & More

News From Hallyuwood

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  • Ji Seong and Lee Bo Young tie the knot! Ji Seong had this to say at the press conference prior to the ceremony:

“I’m busy with drama filming, so our parents and I are currently discussing plans for our newlywed home. We’re only married, but right afterwards, I’m going to have to start my filming schedule again. We don’t have a newlywed home, so Lee Bo Young and I will be living apart for now. I have to film all night for now, so it wouldn’t be right to leave my bride alone.” 

  • Jung Kyung Ho reveals on Shindong’s Shim Shim Tapa he is dating a non-celebrity. Remember a while back there was rumors he was an item with SNSD’s Soo Young. His agency released this statement:

His girlfriend is an ordinary citizen.  His friend introduced him to her.  It is hard to know for sure as we never get involved in an actor’s private life.  Jung Kyung Ho and his girlfriend have a really good relationship.

  • Clara models Longchamp handbags for In Style October 2013, see here
  • Kim Hyo Jin is the cover girl for Beauty+ October 2013, see here
  • Jang Geun Suk’s Lotte Duty Free MV released, watch the Korean version below, but click here, here, and here for the Chinese, English, and Japanese versions

Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 9.17.15 PM

  • Rihanna sparked the interest of K-Drama fans everywhere when she posted this picture on her Instagram. Notice Joo Won’s in his drama “Good Doctor” is on the TV screen in the background.
  • Kim Woo Bin models  jeans with Tia of Chocolat for Buckabroo’s 2013 collection, see here
  • Clara changes up her image for The Big Issue October 2013, see here
  • Cha No Ah, son of actor Cha Seung Won, has been convicted for smoking marijuana. His lawyer appealed for leniency:

The defendant has confessed to the charge, but he does not personally purchase the marijuana or have a habit of smoking it...Currently, his health is not good and he is deeply reflecting upon his misconducts.

He was later sentenced to 10 months in prison. Does this mean Daniel of DMTN’s sentence will be coming soon?

  • Han Ji Hye looks a little wet for Harper’s Bazaar October 2013, see here
  • Thanks to a busy schedule Joo Won will be leaving 2 Days and 1 Night. His agency released this statement to confirm:

“It is true that Joo Won is leaving ‘1N2D’… It’s because of his musical and overseas schedule… We are now discussing the date of his leave with KBS.”

  • Yoo Ah In and Jung Yumi make a good couple for Harper’s Bazaar October 2013, see here
  • More pictures of a very cute Kim Hyang Gi for Oh Boy! September 2013, see here
  • The music video for Joo Won’s song “Love Medicine” off the OST of his drama “Good Doctor” is released
  • Lee Sang Woo is just plain handsome for Allure October 2013, see here

Kim Woo Bin (6)

  • Meet Kim Woo Bin’s girlfriend, Yoo Ji An. I can hear the sigh of fan girls all over the world with the news that Kim Woo Bin has himself a model girlfriend. His agency had this to say:

“We don’t know about the private lives of our actors. We’ll have to check.”

  • Kim Hyo Jin is as beautiful as it gets for Beauty+ October 2013, see here

Bonus pics from Lee Jong Suk’s edgy Vogue October 2013 photoshoot released, see here

  • A friend of Park Shi Hoo has revealed he plans to return to Korea in October, and will be making a comeback next year:

Park Si Hoo will be returning to Korea from the USA in early October. He was originally planning to return during September, but he pushed it back a little…After he arrives, he’s going to rest. He has a lot of drama scripts and movie scenarios offered, but he’s not going to have a comeback to the industry this year. At the earliest, he’ll have his comeback early next year.

Do you think Park Shi Hoo will be able to get back his old career despite his scandal earlier this year?

  • Daniel Henney is Mr. Cool for Elle October 2013, see here
  • Oh Jong Suk has everyone drooling with ab-tastic photoshoot for Men’s Health October 2013, see here

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