Kpop Gets A Little More Diverse With Debut Of Transgender Idol

We have more progress in Kpop…somewhat. A new girl group has debuted and their name is Mercury. I have pretty much stopped giving new debuts a second glance because…well….they’re no good. However, Mercury is standing out to me because one of their members is a transgender woman, Choi Han Bit.

You may be familiar with Choi Han Bit for being a former contestant on Korea’s Next Top Model. This is a great step in making “Hallyuwood” and Kpop more diverse, however, I am questioning her role in the group. Unfortunately for this group, and Choi Han Bit, based on how redundant the group’s image is, and how…bad the song is, it’s looking like the main selling point of this group is that they have a transgender member. There seems to be not even a once of effort on anyone’s behalf to make this group stand out musically. And of course, all of this just makes me think of Alexander’s addition to Rania. Whether I’m right…

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