KeyEast’s Conflicting Statements Makes Kim Hyun Joong Look Like A Sleaze; Pregnancy Confirmed

Kim Hyun Joong

And the saga continues.

KeyEast finally got back to the public with a statement on Kim Hyun Joong’s impending fatherhood:

“After yesterday’s [news] release, Kim Hyun Joong’s side once again requested confirmation of her pregnancy, they still have not received a response. The report that ‘the parents of the two have met and talks of marriage is on going’ is not true, but Kim Hyun Joong has stated that as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed, he will do his duty and take responsibility….Please refrain from making conjectures and reports based on partial truths.” (Koreaboo)

Nothing too surprising. But, here is where I have a problem with KeyEast’s statement, and overall handling of this situation. The next day Ms. Choi, also known as “A,” released a statement through her lawyer:

“There is enough evidence to confirm the pregnancy and we are considering publicly releasing the information. In addition, Choi and Kim Hyun Joong have been in contact and have even met in person. Even today, the two have been in contact since the morning. However, we can’t release the content of the conversation between them.” (Koreaboo)

Then KeyEast released a new statement that actually contradicts what they originally said:

“We are not denying her pregnancy, rather we just wanted to clarify the situation by confirming it, but she has been unresponsive. We first heard news of her pregnancy in January and even received ultrasound pictures via phone messages. After this, Kim Hyun Joong, his father, and an acquantance met with her twice, on January 5th and January 7th. After that, the two have not met in person, but have contacted each other about going to the hospital to check on her and the condition of her body. They have not received her answer on this topic….We do not, by any means, dismiss her pregnancy, and like mentioned before, Kim Hyun Joong is fully willing to take responsibility for the child. It is common practice to visit the hospital when a mother is pregnant, to check on both the child and the mother’s conditions. It’s natural for Kim Hyun Joong and his parents to want to know whether or not Choi and the child are well.” (Koreaboo)

Why was this information about Kim Hyun Joong and his baby mama meeting not just disclosed in the first place? Their original statement suggested that the girl just dropped the bomb that she’s pregnant then went M.I.A, which was in fact, not the case at all. This is just poor management. People already think Kim Hyun Joong is a bit of a sleaze, so why not do everything in your power as an agency to not make it look like he’s denying the girl he knocked up.

But anyway, Choi has confirmed her pregnancy through her lawyer:

“It’s true that Miss Choi is pregnant…It’s also true that Kim Hyun Joong is the father…She is currently visiting clinics and getting rest and stability” (KpopStarz)

Now it’s just a matter of the two working it out together.

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