Good To Know Kim Hyun Joong’s Baby Mama Has Sense; KHJ Hurling Threats Doesn’t Make Him Look Any Better Though

Kim Hyun Joong

In the latest update on the clusterf*ck that is Kim Hyun Joong’s career and life right now, we find out that his baby mama ain’t about to let him put a ring on it.

Ms. Choi aka A has made it very clear that she has no intention of marrying her baby daddy. And, given the text messages that have come to light (and their history), who can blame her.

January 9, 2015

A: I’m so upset..

KHJ: Me too. Although it should be something to rejoice about, I’m upset. Sorry about that.

A: I understand how you feel, but don’t want you to feel that way.

KHJ: Things are getting complicated. When I come back from military, the baby will be two years old. What should I do then, and all these thoughts are tying me down.

KHJ: Did your check-up go well??? I arrived at the airport.

A: (sends ultrasound picture)

KHJ: Aha, it’s that dot. Black one.

A: Yeah.. They said that next time it’s possible to hear the heartbeat

KHJ: Is that so.. Eat well, dress warmly, and drink absolutely no alcohol. Did the hospital staff say that you are five weeks into your pregnancy?

A: Yeah. It’s almost the fifth week. I am still shaking and can’t process this, but.. It must be the same for you.

KHJ: Yeah.. I’m truly upset that I can’t congratulate you. Even in a painful situation like this..

January 10, 2015

KHJ: Let’s tell our parents later. I thought about it over, and still can’t accept what’s going on. I need to think more. Please understand.

A: Because you keep changing your mind, it’s hard for me too.

KHJ: I never changed my mind. It’s not like I can avoid military.. I can’t watch my baby grow up. Marriage is not something you do alone. You should think about it over too.

A: You won’t watch your child grow up anyways. But I have no right to say anything since I’m thinking about whether to erase this child or not.

KHJ: Did I say I’ll abandon the child? I’ll raise the baby. But isn’t it right that you and I should talk about whether we should get married or not? I don’t understand why people have to get married just because a baby is about to be born. If we live like that, everyone might become unhappier.

Then he makes the proposal of every knocked up girls dreams:

KHJ: Okay, I’ll get married to you. But file a petition for me. Your husband is about to get a red line across him.

A: What are you talking about.

KHJ: If I get fined like this, I’ll receive a red mark. If I’m judged guilty, my agency says I’ll be considered a criminal.

A: You’re saying you want to get married not because of me or because of the baby, but because you don’t want to be a criminal?

KHJ: No, I’m saying I will do my best for my baby. I don’t want to get involved in this kind of situation again. Let’s forget about everything and start over from the beginning. I’ll do my best. I’ll get married to you and make you happy.

January 19, 2015

Then his pregnant ex finds another woman’s clothes (another women he just went on vaca with) just lying around. Nice..

KHJ: I’m going to sleep now, but first I have something to say. I know you don’t like “K” [undisclosed name]. But from my point of view it’s so embarrassing. Don’t you think it’s a bit much to send women’s products in the mail?

A: Is she in the right mind leaving things like that at a guy’s house? I just sent whatever was at your house. How do think I felt when I saw those?

February 18, 2015

KHJ: How is the baby doing? I want to know.. Let’s talk when I get to Korea. I want to see my kid.

A: (ultrasound video)

KHJ: Aigoo, it’s so big now. And it’s moving. Is your hospital the same one? Send me the most recent one.

A: (ultrasound photo) The video where it’s kicking is the most recent.

KHJ: How are you feeling? Are you at home? Don’t move.

A: Can you see the baby’s nose in the side profile?

KHJ: Yea, I see it . Shall we talk?

A: The hands and feet are moving too.. The videos aren’t sending properly through text.

February 23, 2015

Then about a month after KHJ has accepted his impending fatherhood, HIS father gets involved, and well…

KHJ’s father: “A” [undisclosed name]. No matter what, if we do things one at a time, there’ll be no problem. So don’t worry and come over with your parents. Confirm your pregnancy to us, and then let’s work thing out.

A: I’ve already sent you the pregnancy confirmation and ultrasound on February 14. What are you thinking that that’s all you’re asking? I’ll show you anywhere.

KHJ’s father: I can’t believe it with just an ultrasound photo. That’s because you haven’t acted very trustworthy to us. You seem to be twisting my words. Is there a reason for that?

A: I’ve never wanted that doctor. I’m afraid something will happen to my baby. You asked to see the documents, so we met and I showed you everything. I don’t understand why you’re still doubting me. I think any hospital will be fine.

It’s like Kim Hyun Joong has no one rational around him. Why is no one telling him to be a grown up, and handle HIS business on his own. Stop letting your messy personal life get broadcast out to the public by just handling it!!

But, the icing on this dramatic cake is that despite his history with this girl, Kim Hyun Joong threatened her life, saying, “If you cheat while I’m not here, I’ll kill you,” as a warning for the time he’ll be gone on manditory military service.

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4 thoughts on “Good To Know Kim Hyun Joong’s Baby Mama Has Sense; KHJ Hurling Threats Doesn’t Make Him Look Any Better Though

  1. AHH and she saying not to marry him, doesnot matter because SHE GOT WHAT SHE WANTS FROM HIM, HS BABY, and get him near for ever, l only hope she let him to see the baby

    1. Being a single mother is not an ideal position to be in, in Korea. I don’t think she would want to just get pregnant for him, so she could be near him forever or else she’d demand a marriage. I’m sure both of them are not happy about the situation, I mean would you want to have a child with someone who broke your arm? My point is, this is not KHJ’s most shining moment, his stories to the media are clearly different than what is actually happening, and it makes him look bad. She clearly is needing to go to the media with her proof or else people would be pegging her for a gold digger, and a liar. He needs to grow up, and handle his business, not let his family get involved, and then, crappy behaviour wouldn’t need to be broadcast to the world.

      1. She clearly was note needing to go to the media with her proof or else people , she is a gold digger, and a liar. BOTH need to grow up, and handle it privately and their behaviours wouldn’t need to be know broadcast to the world.
        Excusa me . What to do with her imagen if she, a 31 years old girl, SLEPT WITH HIM AGAIN? A WOMANIZER as many boys? where was her sense??
        WHATEVER SHE SAYS will be not totally credible, they were Iiving the crazy life for sure, with bad results. So she should shut up and cares her baby in peace, nobody would disturb her if she does not run to dispatch to revel incomplete messages and denies a new check up.
        Both are seriously confused. They know that being a single mother is not an ideal position to be in, in Korea and everywhere let me tell you. Hpwever, it is good to know Kim Hyun Joong’s Baby Mama has sense now, to marry for a baby, it must lead to a divorce soon.

  2. stupid point of view, l only see a cofused couple for the pregnacy, and who went to the media is her, and oviously YOU ENJOY IT FOR SURE

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