[Guest Blogger Week] Meet The GBW Panel

Guest Blogger Week

As we showed you with the introduction to the bloggers of this year’s Guest Blogger Week, we’re all about making Guest Blogger Week bigger and better. So to do just that, we’re introducing new feature, The GBW PanelNicole of Pop’s Review, Salima of The One Shots, and Danice of Inward Fangirl will be joining me, La Shauna to discuss, a soon to be announced, topic in Korean Entertainment.

[Guest Blogger Week] Inwardly Fangirling

Inward Fangirl | Twitter

A relative newcomer to Kpop (but not to fandom,) Danice Sison has been uploading her thoughts on Hallyu on her blog, as well as contributing as an editor on The One Shots. She is a self-confessed SM groupie, and is a hardcore shipper.

[Guest Blogger Week] Pop Reviews Now

Pop Reviews NowFacebook | Twitter | Google+

Nicole started writing about music in 2008 at 13 through her blog Pop Reviews Now, originally focusing British and American pop groups. In early 2009 she began writing about K-Pop, and later branched out to K-Pop journalism when she was hired by OMGKPOP. Since then, she’s written for SOOMPI, Virgin Music, The Kpop Nation, and Popjustice. In 2011, Pop Reviews Now won as the best culture and arts blog (Luzon) at the Philippine Blog Awards. In addition to my blog, she’s am currently workshop head of The K-Pop Writers’ Workshop. Her focus as a writer is on long form critical music reviews and op-eds grounded on music theory, due to her experience in both formal and popular music.

[Guest Blogger Week] The One Shots

The One Shots | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

Salima is dubbed the “Fiery Normal Leader” over at the ONE SHOTS where the staff creates irreverent and sometimes frivolous content about K-pop. She’s a huge Jun. K stan, loyal follower of BTS’ Suga, and member of Eric Mun’s Church of 4D. She doesn’t sleep because K-pop keeps her awake.

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