K-Idol Worship: Kim Hyun Joong Starts Teasing For His Comeback, CCM Makes Major Changes, and So Much More

K-Idol Worship

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July 8

  • It’s obvious Xiah Junsu is going back to his eccentric ways with his upcoming MV “Incredible” based on his colorful MV teaser.
  • DJ/Music Producer Diplo has GD&TOP fans everywhere sitting on their edge of their seats after teasing this snippet of a song featuring the voices of the Big Bang duo. Listen here

Kim Hyun Joong

  • KeyEast Entertainment drops an insanely sexy back photo as a teaser for Kim Hyun Joong’s July 22nd comeback with his 3rd mini album, “Round 3.” The album will be made up of 6 tracks, title song being “Your Story.”
  • Infinite drops teaser pics for upcoming album, “Destiny.” View all pictures here
  • Geeks gears up for another comeback with song “Fly”

July 9

  • CL of 2ne1 appears in the July 2013 issue of Vogue magazine, see pics here
  • Brown Eyed Girls make a surprise comeback with the release of single, “Recipe.”
  • YG Entertainment announces that Gummy’s contract has expired, and may not be renewed. They assure she will remain close with the agency like Jinusean or Se7en. Her contract with YG’s Japanese counterpart is also due to expire soon.


  • Infinite reveals the tracklist for “Destiny.”


  • Rain is discharged from the military after completing his mandatory service.
  • It is revealed that Jay Park and rapper Dok2 took part on Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming album. Jay Park helped write the lyrics for song “Unbreakable” and will be featured on the song while Dok2 helped with “Your Story” and will be featuring on that song.

July 10

  • Infinite reveals tracklist for “Destiny.”
  • Lydia Paek releases cover of Jay Park’s “Joah.”
  • CCM reveals a major shake up to their groups, T-ara, SPEED, 5dolls, and The Seeya. Dani will join T-ara sub-unit, N4. 5dolls will gain two new members, Cho Seunghee, and The Seeya’s Yeonkyung in July to replace members Shannon and Jihyun. Shannon will make a solo debut while Jihyun will debut in a new group. Yeonkyung will promote for both The Seeya & 5dolls. 5Dolls will be making comeback with retro-disco track “Soulmate #1,” composed by Double Sidekick. Two new members, Taemin & Sungwon, will also be added to SPEED for a project album. Sungwon you may know from Davichi’s “Turtle.” This sounds like a whole lot of mess!

July 11

  • Jay Park channels his inner Chris Brown for “I Like 2 Party” MV.”
  • Geeks puts on an outdoor concert in their new MV “Fly.”
  • Girl group BESTie teases their debut with MV teaser for “Pitapat” featuring 2am’s Jo Kwon.
  • A-Jax makes their comeback with new MV “Insane” with appearance from labelmates Rainbow’s Jaekyung & Hyunyoung.
  • Its confirmed that 2ne1 will be guesting on Running Man. They will be filming next week and the episode is set to air at the end of the month! What do you think their variety skills will be?
  • Infinite continues to teaser their comeback with an album preview for “Destiny.”

July 12

  • 2ne1 annonuces they will be making an MBC Music Core comeback on their July 13th episode for the first time in TWO YEARS!
  • Apink releases the dance practice version of their MV “No No No.”
  • Core Contents Media announces the departure of Ahreum from T-ara, read more here
  • Tahiti to return on July 25th with a mini album. The title song will be “Love Sick,” but the album will contain their previously released songs, “Hasta Luego.,” “Tonight,” and “Pretty Face.”

July 13


  • B2ST has begun to tease fans for their July comeback. The group released a tweet with this pic for their title song “Shadow” off their 2nd album “Hard to Love, How to Love.”

Kim Hyun Joong

  • Hyun Joong drops yet another teaser pics for “Round 3.”
  • 4minute appears in Singles magazine’s July 2013, view here
  • Ailee returns with her song “U & I.” I  loved some parts, and a didn’t like others, but for the most part I liked this song.

July 14

  • BESTie makes their debut with “Pitapat” which features a cameo from Yoon Se Yoon. The song is okay but I can’t deal with all the blatant butt popping. Its too much.

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