K-Idol Worship: Comeback Teasers Galore, YG Answers Questions, Minzy Joins Instagram & So Much More!

K-Idol Worship

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June 17

  • B2ST reveals MV teaser for pre-released song, “I’m Sorry,” see here
  • Double A announces the departure of Joowon, and the upcoming addition of 2 members.
  • Double A releases special MV “2nite 3x”

  • Kye Bum Joo of Superstar K4, and composer of Block B’s “Movie’s Over,” will be release MV for “낯선천장 (The Ceiling)” which features a cameo from NU’EST’s Aron

  • 2pm releases concept picture for “Grown [Grand Edition],” see here
  • SidusHQ’s upcoming girl group 2EYES drops MV teaser for “까불지마 (Don’t Mess With Me)”

  • B.A.P announces comeback after only 4 months hiatus
  • Girls’ Day reveals album cover photo for 여자대통령 (Female President)” see here
  • Girl group, Dal★Shabet, teases comeback with MV teaser for “내 다리를 봐(Be Ambitious)”

  • Ulala Session brings me tears with teaser for “Memory”

  • The boys of LEDApple channel their inner Ricky Martin’s for new MV “Bad Boys”

June 18

  • YG answers questions on 2ne1’s 2013 comeback, read more here


  • B.A.P reveals album cover for 3rd mini album, “Coffee Shop.”
  • “Fanta Time” MV featuring Lee Kwang Soo, Teen Top’s Neil, and Apink’s Eunji released

June 19

  • B.A.P drops MV teaser for 3rd mini album, “Coffee Shop.”

  • YG answers questions on the debut of his new girl group, read more here
  • News Park Ji Sung dating announcer Kim Min Ji surface after they’re spotted on a date, read more here
  • B2ST drops MV for pre-release, “I’m Sorry.”

June 20

  • Minzy joins Insta-Verse, follow 2ne1’s maknae here
  • 4minute drops mystery teaser vid of maknae Sohyun fishing.

  • Dynmaic Duo reveals album cover for their upcoming 7th album, “Lucky Numbers.” See here. The duo drops their album on July 1st.
  • Girls’ Day drops MV teaser for “여자대통령 (Female President)”

June 21

  • YG gives answers on Kang Seung Yoon, and reveals the debut of two new boy bands, read more here


  • JYJ’s Xiah Junsu gives date for solo comeback, read more here
  • 2EYES debuts with MV “까불지마 (Don’t Mess WIth Me)”

  • A-Prince drops teaser vid for comeback song “Mambo.” Their mini album “Mambo” drops June 25th.

June 22

  • Kara announces the release of 9th Japanese single, “Thank You Summer Love” for July.
  • A-Prince continues with teasers by dropping another vid, and pic. Click here for teaser pics.

June 23

  • SHU-I announces their upcoming Korean comeback with their group’s first mini album. They also revealed their album’s tracklist, revealing that the members participated in the lyrics writing for “Forever With You.”

01. 기죽지마 
02. Forever With You 
03. Summer Sweet 
04. Scream 
05. 붙잡고 싶어 
06. Bomb Bomb Bomb 
07. 구해줘 
08. 기죽지마 (Instrumental)
09. Forever With You (Instrumental)

  • A-Prince releases two more member teaser pics, and 3rd MV teaser. View pics here.

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