[Concert] See Unpretty Rapstar’s Truedy & Heize In L.A

Truedy and Heize of Korea’s hit competition show, Unpretty Rapstar, will be coming to Los Angeles! The two will be hosting and performing at Kpop Club Night at The Conga Room in L.A on January 22nd!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.42.07 PM

First premiered in the beginning of 2015, Unpretty Rapstar is a Korean TV Variety program featuring jewels in the Korean hip hop industry. With weekly missions, head-to-head rap battles, and eliminations in a survival format, Unpretty Rapstars features both familiar and new faces in the Korean hip pop genre going head-to-head to see who is at the top of the rap game.Don’t miss a chance to see season 2 winner Truedy and top 4 finalist Heize live by purchasing your tickets from Powerhouse Live.

While you wait for the day to arrive, take a look at these two on stage during Unpretty Rapstar for a taste of what to expect:

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