K-Idol Worship: Duke’s Kim Ji Hoon Passes Away, Kangta to Make Comeback, YG To Debut Unit BH & More

K-Idol Worship

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December 8

  • Amanda Seyfried sings “Growl” to get some Korean fans
  • Jiyoung of Kara for High Cut, Vol. 114, see here
  • Secret is back again with “I Do I Do”
  • Seo In Young for High Cut, Vol. 114, see here
  • Kim Beom Soo, Jang Dong Geun, Ladies Code & Rumblefish for High Cut, Vol. 114, see here

December 9

  • Junhyung’s teaser for “Flower” is full of artsy beauty, and I am OFFICIALLY excited for this debut! He makes his debut on 12.13.13!
  • Tiffany acts like a big sister to SM Trainee Lami
  • The boys of Infinite are the cover boys for High Cut, Vol. 115, see here

December 10

  • Kangta & SM Entertainment announces he will be making his first comeback in 6 years with album in 2014!

Translation: “I will be returning to the stage with a new song very soon~ Work mode start!!!”

  • SM Entertainment released this statement:

“He is working diligently on his new album. We made detailed plans for him to release a new album and make a comeback next year.”

  • Girls’ Day reveals they are planning an sexy & cute January 2014 comeback:

 “We are working on the album with a comeback in mind for the first week of January.”

  • Its revealed  that U-Kiss sold out their US Tour tickets in less than 10 minutes! VIP tickets for San Francisco and Los Angeles were sold out thirty seconds while NY VIP tickets sold out in eight minutes! Their stops in New York on January 9, San Francisco on January 11, and Los Angeles on January 14, are part of their world tour which will take them to South America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Hangeng joins Instagram, follow him here
  • Its revealed that Kpop’s fiercest females, Lee Hyori and CL will be teaming up for Lee Hyori’s first performance since marriage at the SBS Gayo Deaejun on 12.29

December 11

  • Mystic89 reveals agency Christmas MV, “크리스마스 소원 (Christmas Wishes)”
  • Is Psy hinting at a collabo?
  • Lee Seung Gi & Han Ji Hye to host the 2013 MBC Drama Awards
  • Big Star comes back with “홀로서기 (Standing Alone)”
  • f(x)’s Krystal to host the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards along side MC Shin Dong Yup, and Entertainer Kim Won Hee
  • Topp Dogg drop “Cigarette” MV
  • Kangta to end his 6 year hiatus with new album in 2014!! SM: “He is working diligently on his new album. We made detailed plans for him to release a new album and make a comeback next year.”

December 12

  • YG surprises fans with teaser for unit group, BH! No word on who the members are, but fans are thinking its 2ne1’s Park Bom and Lee Hi!
  • FT Island’s Lee Hongki was taken to the hospital for stomach pains. Reports said:

“Lee Hong Ki showed signs of stomach pains this afternoon so he went to the hospital and got checked up. He was diagnosed with the early stages of intestine inflammation. He received some medicine and is taking some rest right now.”

  • 2pm’s Taecyeon reveals he will be serving as an active duty soldier when he enlists, following his physical examination
  • It was revealed that Dal★Shabet will be making a January 2014 comeback! They will be ditching their ‘sexy/cute’ image for something all out sexy.
  • Kim Ji Hoon of TwoTwo and Duke was found dead in his hotel from what is being said was a suicide.

“Kim Ji Hoon had been having troubles because of debt.”

He’s been banned from TV since 2009 for drug charges

December 13

  • YG continues to tease the debut of BH with 2nd teaser video featuring 2ne1’s Park Bom


  • Look for Seo In Guk’s first Japanese album, “Everlasting” on January 15th, 2014!
  • T-ara makes holiday comeback with “Hide & Seek”

December 14

  • IU announces she will be releasing a repackage version of her album “Modern Times: Epilogue.” on December 26th

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