K-Idol Worship: Comebacks from Kahi to SHINee, Yesung & Victoria Join Instagram & More

K-Idol Worship

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October 7

  • Topp Dogg reveals member B-Joo & Ho Joon, see here
  • SHINee continues teasing “Everybody” with ‘Image’ teaser…but last time I checked this was a video.

  • MYNAME’s teaser for “Day by Day” has me amazed and excited. This sounds beautiful! The song comes out October 11th.

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  • 2ne1 has fans wondering if a new MV is in the works with their Instagram updates
  • Nine Muses wants you to Keep Calm and Listen to them, but I rather watch this sexy MV teaser for “Gun.”

  • Jay Park drops yet another MV filled with curse words, and Dok2 features. I think I am a second for over him.

  • When YG Entertainment & C-Jes Entertainment’s CEO’s met up rumors of an agency collaboration began to fly. A source made this statement about the meeting:

“It was simply for a meal together. Please do not over interpret it.  All they did was exchange formalities; it was no more or less than that.”

  • 2am’s Jinwoon gets into an accident with 25 ton truck on October 6th, and must undergo emergency surgery. His agency released this statement:

“The car Jinwoon was riding in crashed with a 25-ton truck at 11:30 PM on the 6th. He fractured his right ankle and has a laceration that is about 10cm (4 inches) long. He will be going into emergency surgery today.”

  • The 2013 Melon Music Awards are coming November 14, and will be broadcast live on LOEN’s Youtube channel

  • SM Entertainment reveals they will not be participating in the next season of SBS Kpop Star
  • Block B drops the Maximum Close Up Version of their MV “Very Good.”
  • DSP Media makes comments about Nicole’s statements bout her departure from Kara, and her desire to remain in the group:

“We’ve never discussed before what Nicole is insisting upon, with her signing on both as a member of KARA and individually. All we got from Nicole’s side was ‘I won’t be renewing my contract.’ We don’t know why she announced things that she never discussed with the agency. Regarding that point, it seems we will have to have future discussions.”

  • Lounging by the pool, walking the streets & looking all kinds of beautiful, Kahi drops “It’s Me” MV teaser.
  • VIXX must be breaking a record with their FOURTH comeback of 2013. The group released a teaser for song “여자는 왜 (Girls, Why?)”
  • G.I releases MV for “Gi-Yeok”

October 8

  • Super Junior’s Yesung joins Instagram, follow him here
  • M-Limited releases Winter CF featuring JYJ

  • Topp Dogg reveals member P-Goon, see here
  • Looks like Jajeoong is coming back soon according to this teaser photo from JYJ’s official Facebook page
  • The 3rd trailer for T.O.P’s upcoming movie, “Alumni,” is released

  • SHINee releases “Everybody” MV teaser. I really wish this wasn’t the song they were promoting.
  • Yoo Hee Yeol is revealed as the replacement for SM Entertainment on Kpop Star 3. The shows PD released this statement:

“I thought there needs to be a change as season 3 unfolded. We appointed Yoo Hee Yeol as a new judge and we think that he could discover a different kind of jewel with a different perspective. However, the concept [of the show] has not changed at all.”

Yoo Hee Yeol also had something to say about being the new judge:

“Our agency has been a little lacking in terms of finding new talents. That is why I think ‘K-Pop Star’ will help. I already had a meeting with the director. To be honest, I was planning to refuse the offer but I reconsidered it after reading one phrase.”That phrase turned out to be, “fair competition…Antenna Music never discusses anything when making music. You’re completely free to do what you want… There’s no cafeteria nor a dance practice room, and it’s a small office located in a basement like place…In comparison to major companies, you can think of our company like a local bakery [rather than a big brand name bakery]… Although those who come out from this audition program will probably learn a lot when they go to either of the two big companies, if they come to our company, they’ll probably be able to develop a strong will to survive.”

  • 2pm releases short version PV of their Japanese song, “Winter Games,” see here


  • TS Entertainment comes forward and denies that Secret’s Sunhwa has had plastic surgery:

SECRET recently switched salons so there was a change in makeup. [Sunhwa] looked different due to this reason. She didn’t receive any [cosmetic] surgery or procedure. If you compare her to past photos, you can confirm that it is definitely the change in makeup.”

A 2nd rep had pretty much the same thing to say:

“It is due to her diet and change in makeup.”

  • Rumors of an EXO comeback in November circle
  • John Park’s “불빛 (Firelight)” for the ‘Medical Top Team’ OST released
  • Big Hit Entertainment tells fans Jinwoon is fine, and will be better in time for their LA concert in December

“After safely completing surgery on the 7th at 6 PM KST, [Jinwoon] is recovering back to stability. Because we have to see his progress, the date of his release from the hospital has not been decided yet…He is fine enough to send texts on his phone. Although he received treatment for his [ankle] fracture at the hospital, he has yet to receive treatment for his laceration, so we are watching him closely. Although it is difficult for him to carry out his set schedule, he will likely be fully recovered by December just in time for 2AM’s concert.”

  • Rottyful Sky passes away at age 25 due to brain tumor

“The mortuary has not been decided yet, but the funeral location has been scheduled.”

  • Tiny-G releases dance practice video for “Miss You”

October 9

  • MYNAME previews upcoming 3rd single album. Their album is to be released October 11th

  • Hara of Kara for Vol. 111 of High Cut magazine, see here
  • Rain gears up for Japanese tour, “2013 Rain Zepp Tour: Story of Rain,” starting November 14th.

“During this tour, Rain will put on a show appropriate to the title, ‘Story of Rain.’ Upon the eleventh anniversary of his debut as a singer, he has prepared a show that overviews his career as a singer, with fantastic performances and opportunities for close encounters with fans.”

  • Topp Dogg reveals member Yano, see here
  • SM responds to EXO November comeback rumors

“It hasn’t been decided yet… EXO’s comeback time period is still not confirmed.” Another rep added, “We haven’t confirmed an exact date yet.”

October 10

  • JYP gets hitched! While his best friend, actor Lee Jung Jin, officiated the ceremony, Kim Tae Woo hosted the reception, and sand a congratualtory song along with Park Ji Yoon, 2pm’s Jun.K, and 15&. He is set to leave for the Fiji Islands on October 11th for his honeymoon!! The newlywed had this to say about his wedding day:

“My heart feels restless, so I can’t sleep. My grateful heart towards my family, friends, and fans… Grateful heart towards heaven… Today only through humbleness, and what is said and heard, I hope that this is the start of my change from chasing after things that won’t last to things that are eternal.”

Two reps from JYP Entertainment released these statement:

“J.Y. Park’s wedding ceremony will be held at 5 PM KST. Other than the time and date of the wedding ceremony, we can’t share any more details… It will be a small wedding of only 100 invited guests. It will thoroughly be carried out as a private wedding ceremony.”

“It is likely that the couple will go off on a honeymoon after the wedding ceremony. We are not aware of where or for how long they will be gone.”

  • Victoria of f(x) is the latest idol to join Instagram, follow her here
  • B.A.P continues their movement into the Japanese market with PV teaser for “One Shot.” This will be the group’s 2nd Japanese single, and will be released November 14th.

  • Kpop Star 3’s PD reveals that BoA stepped down as one of the show’s judges due to her responsiblities as a singer

“After the finale of season 2, BoA was in the state of a dilemma. She talked it over with the staff and she revealed how she felt proud and satisfied for accomplishing her role as a judge for the past two years…However, before she is a judge, BoA is an active singer. As a singer, she had a lot of domestic and overseas schedules that were pushed back. I think she experienced some conflicting feelings for being unable to carry out those schedules. Her schedules increased to the point that she was unable to push them back, so after a lot of thought, she decided to leave…BoA has a lot of affection for [‘K-Pop Star’] so it was difficult for her to leave. Although it’s good for her to have success as the judge BoA, it is also important for singer BoA to have success as well.”

  • Topp Dogg reveals member Nakta, see here
  • Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls is keeping busy by making her acting debut on upcoming tvN drama, “Basketball” The drama airs for the first time on October 21st. Ye Eun had this to say about her new role:

Because ‘Basketball’ depicts the rigid upperclass in the 1930s to 1940s, I wanted a character who got to wear pretty clothing.  However, I grew a liking for the Bong Soon character after considering the chance to evoke sympathy from the audience by playing the most ordinary female during the Japanese colonial era.


  • SHINee makes their comeback with “Everybody” MV
  • Tae Yang seems to be teasing fans about a comeback w/ this Instagram update of him rocking blonde hair and new body art!
  • Teen Top takes us BTS of their “Rocking” MV in their new MV “Date”

  • G-Dragon makes surprise appearance at Justin Bieber’s 1st Korean concert, and performs “Crayon.”

After his performance he said this to the audience:

As Bieber will show you a better performance, I hope you will have fun until the end.

  • JYP artist have fun at Justin Bieber’s 1st Korean concert, and share it all on Instagram




  • Seolhyun of AOA hospitalized due to stress right before her group’s first performance of comeback song “Confused.” A rep released this statement:

“It seemed like stomach pain from stress. Thankfully, there wasn’t a big problem with her health, so she received an IV drop and returned.”

  • Kahi returns to us sexier, and more mature than ever in “It’s Me” MV.

  • F.Cuz reminds us that’s their still around w/ teaser for 5th Japanese Single “Change.”

  • Cube Entertainment releases mysterious teaser video

October 11

  • Miss A’s Suzy spotted on a date with actor Sung Joon, read all about it here
  • C-Jes Entertainment reveals that Jaejoong’s album will be released on the 29th, but will pre-release and begin promotions for his ballad track on the 15th

Jaejoong will make a comeback with his 1st full-length album on the 29th. This album contains various rock genres and the recording has been completed and we are currently putting the finishing touches on it. [Jaejoong] will pre-release a ballad track on Tuesday, the 15th and kick off his promotions.Noel‘s Lee Sang Gon featured in the track which showcases the harmony of the two men…This track is composed by hit OST ‘Love Is Like Snow’s Baek Moo Hyun and expresses the longing for a lost love through its lyrics and acoustic guitar sound. The track brings out Jaejoong’s soothing voice and powerful singing ability.”

  • IU performs on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook with Choi Baek Ho
  • Kahi is accused of trying to promote her album using Rottyful Sky’s death when she posts a message to her friend on Twitter
[tweet https://twitter.com/misskahi/status/388163388674555904]

Translation: Haneul, rest comfortably.  Sing with your pretty voice to your heart’s content…  During the short time I’ve known you, so many things happened to my fascination… I really… thank you… I am going to miss you a lot…  Now I’m going to regain my strength!!!  I love you.

Kahi had this to say when she read netizen’s accusations

I felt hurt and sad that people would perceive it that way.

She later did an interview with Osen where she had this to say:

I had a legitimate reason for leaving those messages.  How could I take advantage of someone who passed away? met Haneul at the Bible study meeting called ‘The Gathering for Beauties who Love God.’  While talking about our lives, I found out naturally that she composed music.  She told me she had a song that would match me well and sent ‘It’s ME.’I finished the pre-recording without being aware of how the time passed and went to Haneul’s side.  There, I exchanged a lot of words with her mother who told me, ‘Kahi, this is a present Haneul left me . . . From now on, please spread Haneul’s name….As my comeback song ‘It’s ME’ was Haneul’s song, I thought the only method of getting her name out there was to take responsibility for it being Haneul’s song and promote it more diligently.  After a great deal of worries and thought, I left the message on Twitter.

  • 2am’s Jinwoon let’s fans know he’s doing okay after accident:

“Hello. I felt that fans were worrying a lot, so I’m leaving a post. Firstly, I apologize for causing so much worry. The accident was bigger than expected, so I’m sure you were all shocked. The staff and I are in the midst of receiving treatment though. I’m very thankful that so many people are praying and worrying for us. I wanted to let you all know that we were fine as soon as possible, and I’m sorry that this message is a little late. I’ll greet you all in a healthy state as soon as I can. I’m very sorry, and I thank you. I ask that you support the three of us, so we can recover soon.”

  • Psy ain’t no one hit wonder. He revealed to Italian magazine, “L’Uomo Vogue” that he worked with Steven Tyler. Yes, the Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, on his upcoming song, which is aiming for a November release:

Steven Tyler finished recording

October 12

  • Topp Dogg reveals member Xero, see here
  • Boys Republic releases ‘making of album jacket’ video
  • Infinite’s Sung Kyu takes us backstage of his group’s concert where he shares his cover of Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat”
  • Son Dambi’s father passes away at age 70. Pledis Entertainment released this statement:

Son Dam Bi’s father was suffering from a chronic illness and passed away today… To care for her father, Son Dam Bi avoided filling up her schedule. She is deep in sorrow right now.”

  • Cube Entertainment confirms the mysterious teaser was in fact for Shin Ji Hoon’s debut

Shin Ji Hoon will make her official debut. We are planning to release her album mid-October… The album production is currently completed. [Shin Ji Hoon] plans to promote as a singer and continue to be active as a figure skater as well.”

October 13

  • Topp Dogg reveals member A-Tom, see here
  • This BBC shed a tear because Block B lands their 1st Win following some rocky times! CONGRATZ!

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