K-Idol Worship: Rain Finds A Home at Cube DC, A Girls’ Day Member to Fly Solo, Block B Teases Again, and More

K-Idol Worship

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September 16

  • Block B gives you reasons to scream this morning with “빛이 되어줘 (Be a Light)” MV teaser. Notice there will be a cameo from what looks like Zico’s girlfriend, former T-ara member Hwayoung.
  • JYP is getting hitched people! He announced his wedding plans on Twitter saying:

Hello.  I am writing this because I wanted to tell all of you first.

I was inspired by my friend to write my song ‘You’re the One.’  My friend is nine years younger and lives an ordinary life.  We had feelings for each other on first sight, but there were some complications because she wanted to continue living an ordinary life.

However, after a while, we finally became confident that we needed each other through our many conversations.  At long last, she accepted my proposal and we will be marrying on October 10.

I am a celebrity and will have to continue communicating with all of you, but I would like to help her continue to live the ordinary life she has now.  (Please help, too, reporters~ bow^^;;)

Therefore, please understand that we are thinking of having a quiet, private wedding with just our families. 

I’m really grateful for all of you for always giving me strength.  As we promised, let’s grow old together.

  • BPPOP is gearing up for a comeback. The girls released this MV teaser for “다퉜어 (Never Ever Let Me Go)”
  • F-VE Dolls release 2nd version of their “사랑한다안한다? (Can You Love Me?)” MV featuring soon-to-be T-ara member Dani.
  • IU teases comeback with teaser images for “Modern Times,” see here
  • Girls’ Generation releases Japanese track, “Do The Catwalk”
  • T-ara announces October 10 as their comeback date, and a 3 minute teaser coming on September 25th
  • 2am wins lawsuit against i.myss (It Makes Your Skin Sing) for failure to pay them as the company’s models. The group won about $102,000 USD.
  • Seo In Guk releases “No Matter What” OST MV for “Master of the Sun”
  • SNSD’s Taeyeon’s teaser for B-ing CF released

LPG announces October comeback, with 9 member group following a 2 year hiatus. their agency had this to say:

All the members are gorgeous and talented. There’s also interest from China and Japan, so they’ll also be promoting globally, so we also recruited various members fluent in other languages.

  • Kim Jong Kook sings “모르나요 (How Come You Don’t Know)” for the “Good Doctor” OST

September 17

  • 2am’s Seulong teams up with Epitone Project to release “여름,밤 (Summer Night)”
  • Rain official joins Cube Entertainment sub-label Cube DC
  • A.T releases “Don’t Be” featuring Geeks

September 19

  • K-Celebs celebrities celebrate Chuseok, see here

September 21

  • Big Bang’s Seungri, guests on SNL Korea
  • Girls’ Day’s agency makes mysterious announcement that a member of the group will make a solo debut in November. Their agency had this to say:

“One member of Girl’s Day will release a single this November and begin promoting as a solo artist. We are currently discussing which member will meet fans with a solo track…The Girl’s Day member’s upcoming solo activities are meant to return the big love that was given by fans for ‘Expectation‘, ‘Female President‘ and ‘Please Tell Me‘, which were released back-to-back from this past March to July. We’re currently working hard to prepare a track for one Girl’s Day member.”

September 22

  • Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee will be released two days earlier from military service on October 25th, rather than the 27th. H2 Media released this statement:

“Hwanhee’s discharge date which was originally scheduled for October 27th has been changed to the 25th.”

A rep for Military Manpower Administration explained:

 “In the case of one’s discharge date landing on a Sunday, it is normal procedure to move up the date to the Friday before it.”

Hwanhee also made a statement through his agency, saying:

“After completing my public service, I want to be discharged quietly.”

  • Ha Ha joins Facebook. Like his page here
  • Secret’s Ji Eun surprises fans with solo comeback announcement with teaser video on Inkigayo

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