K-Idol Worship: Shinhwa on Running Man, Big Bang, AOA & Nine Muses Anniversaries, Provocative Teasing From Sunmi & Seungri & Much More

K-Idol Worship

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August 12

  • Teen Top’s Changjo joins the Insta-verse! Follow him here
  • GLAM’s Dahee flies solo in Ceci August, 2013 photoshoot, see pics here

Nine Muses

  • Nine Muses celebrates their 3rd anniversary!
  • MBLAQ is back with repackaged album “Love Beat,” and new MV for song “No Love.”


  • AOA celebrates their 1st anniversary
  • Join EXO in the SM dance studio as they practice the choreography for “Growl (Korean/Chinese Version)”

  • Taecyeon of 2pm appears in the August, 2013 issue of Singles magazine, see pic here

Sunye (2)

  • Fans wish soon to be mother, and former Wonder Girl, Sunye a Happy Birthday!
  • John Park appears in the August, 2013 issue of GQ magazine, see here
  • Hello Venus reveals BTS video from their 1st concert!

  • Roy Kim announces he will be headed back to the US on August 25th to attend Georgetown University in September. His agency released this statement:

Roy Kim will depart on the 25th. Georgetown University did not allow him to extend his temporary leave of absence. He had no choice but to register for one semester which will begin in September.”

  • Jessica of SNSD becomes new model for clothing brand, SOUP. SOUP, gave this statement on their choice for model:

We chose Jessica because she is an all-around entertainer who’s active not only on stage, but also on the big screen and on the small screen. Her bright, lovely girly emotions match our brand values very well.

  • Kim Hyung Jun & Sunny Hill’s Kota release their duet, “우리 둘이 (Always Love You).”


  • History drops 2nd teaser video, while LEON Entertainment released this statement on the group’s comeback:

“The title track, ‘Tropical Night’, of HISTORY’s new album ‘JUST NOW’ is the collaborative work of V.O.S‘ Choi Hyun Joon and composer Lim Kwang Wook who is receiving attention for his participation in SHINee and EXO‘s albums. Hip hop groupEluphant‘s Kebee also wrote the lyrics for the song.”

August 13

  • T.O.P of Big Bang appears in Marie Claire magazine’s August, 2013 issue, see here
  • Henry reveals labelmate, Amber of f(x) will be featured on his song “1-4-3 (I Love You)” for his follow-up promotions. The song is set to be released on August 23rd
  • Hyorin turns up the sexy in her solo photoshoot for Vogue magazine’s August, 2013 issue, see here

Sunmi (2)

  • Along with a new pink do, former Wonder Girl, Sumni reveals she gained 12 pounds for her solo debut, and she is looking great in her “24 Hours” teaser pics, see all pics here

Seung Ri (2)

  • Seung Ri teases comeback with release of teaser images, see all here


  • Kara goes for an androgynous concept for September comeback. The girls revealed this teaser pic on their official Facebook.

Brian Joo announces his comeback with single “Pretty Woman” on Twitter

[tweet https://twitter.com/Brianjoomuzik/status/367463878315110401]

  • Henry releases the Chinese Version of his hit song, “Trap”

  • Jay Park announces he will be having a 3 city European tour in September, stopping at London on September 21, Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 25th, and Berlin, Germany on the 28th. SidusHQ released this statement on Jay Park’s tour:

“This tour was first requested by the representatives in Europe. Jay Park is currently preparing ideas for various stages. Through his explosive stage manners, he will spend a meaningful time with his overseas fans.”

  • Sulli of f(x) is cast in new movie, “Pirates,” SM confirmed her role with this statement:

“In the upcoming film ‘Pirates’, Sulli will play the role of pirate Heuk Myo [‘Black Cat’] and will team up with the pirate captain Yeo Wuhl [Son Ye Jin].”

  • Fans lose their sh*t over G-Dragon hugging a Saudi Arabian princess while in London filming for his new MV. is staff made this statement after things started to become a hot issue:

The Saudi Arabian princess was a teenage girl. She visited with a bodyguard all throughout the four days of the music video filming so we checked her identity and she turned out to be the princess. They just greeted each other and shared a quick hug because she said she was G-Dragon’s fan.”

August 14

  • Sunmi has me super intrigued with her 1st MV teaser for upcoming song, “24 hours.”

  • Wassup reveals the dance practice vid for their song, “Wassup.” It was a kind of sloppy, but way better then their debut stage.

  • Double A is “오케바리 (Okay About It)” in their newest MV teaser.

Seung Ri (3)

  • Seung Ri reveals his 3rd teaser images and talks to fans about title song “Gotta Talk To U”

“I’m introducing you to this album’s title track, ‘Gotta Talk to U’. Do you remember my first solo debut? You’ll probably remember a 20 year old guy wearing a suit and performing a risque choreography with female dancers for a song called ‘Strong Baby’. However, it felt slightly lacking, as if a child was imitating an adult… Even now, when I look back on that video, I still can’t rid of myself of that feeling. Since then, 4 years, a long time as passed. There has been a lot of happenings in my life. A lot of stuff that I can’t explain all in words… Now, I want to try to create a character that can appeal to female fans as a man. As I know fully well that a different color must be presented to survive among the competition with other male solo artists, it must be different. So I tried to find a voice that I’ve never tried out before. Starting from the very first line of ‘Gotta Talk to U’, you’ll be able to feel a voice that is completely different from my previous style of singing. Before I became a part of Big Bang, I was a dancer. Maybe it’s because of this that the music I pursue, whether it be fast or slow, is music that can be danced to. Ham Seung Chun and Kang Wook Jin, who composed and arranged ‘Gotta Talk to U’, are composers who have experience as club DJs. Thanks to those two, who know better than anyone about what kind of beat and sound must be heard for people to get excited, ‘Gotta Talk To U’ has been made a song that won’t feel awkward no matter where it’s played. Hit daebak ‘Gotta Talk to U’!”

  • M.I.B continues to show us why they’re the real M.I.B with “Men In Black” dance practice video. Btw, I thought you were a woman Kangnam!

  • HyunA grabs her fans’ attention with dance practice videos on her Instagram
  • As you know, Kara is gearing up for a September comeback, but the girl group has revealed they will be live streaming their comeback showcase LIVE on September 2 through Naver
  • ZE:A break it down to their newest song, “The Ghost of Wind,” in a black and white dance practice video.

August 15


  • Seung Ri reveals tracklist for upcoming album. The Big Bang maknae plans on ‘talking about love’ with bandmates G-Dragon & Tae Yang, and fans can look forward to hearing more of Jennie Kim’s beautiful voice!
  • G-Dragon is a rockstar in his third set of pics from the August 2013 issue of Vogue magazine, see pics here
  • 4minute’s Ga Yoon appears on the double cover for Vol. 51 of 1st Look magazine, see pics here
  • History releases individual teaser pics for upcoming album, “Just Now,” see pics here

August 16

  • Seung Ri is all grown up in his R rated teaser video for “Let’s Talk About Love.” OMG I CANNOT wait to see this performed on stage!

  • History continues teasing comeback with release of MV teaser “열대야 (Tell Me Love).”

  • EvoL’s Say & her friend Sumi do a crappy cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Stronger Than Me.”


  • The girls of Sistar become proper ladies for Elle August, 2013, see pics here
  • UV get hilarious, ridiculous, and super sexual in their new MV “설마 아닐거야 (No Way, I Don’t Think So).”
  • Sunmi continues to wow me with ANOTHER amazing teaser video for “24 Hours.”
  • 4minute appears in the August, 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, see pics here
  • Brian releases MV teaser for comeback single “Pretty Woman.” While the song is good, the video is pretty…lame.

August 17

  • Sori surprises with release of MV “B.I.K.I.N.I”

  • Double Kick does an AMAZING R&B remix of Sistar’s “Loving U,” sung by Mikey, rap by Olltii, and Yuri of SNSD’s cousin Cha Hyun Jung on piano.

  • Ga Yoon & So Hyun of 4minute get super sexy for In Style magazine’s August, 2013 issue, see pics here
  • Bumkey sings about “갖고놀래 (Attraction)” with hip hop duo, Dynamic Duo.

  • Jaebeom appears in Vol. 51 of 1st Look magazine with actress Clara (from his “Joah” MV), see pics here
  • Things get red, black, and white in G-Dragon’s teaser video for his 2nd album ‘Coup D’etat.’ What is everyone else thinking about the teaser because I just got excited!

  • Ye Eun joins Instagram! Follow her here
  • Shinhwa to appear on August 25th episode of RUNNING MAN! Words cannot explain the excitement!
  • Baekhyun & Chen of EXO perform on Immortal Song 2 for the first time

August 18

  • Teen Top announces comeback with mini album “No Joke.” TOP Media tweeted this to fans:

[tweet https://twitter.com/TOPmedia_Kr/status/368987541392732160/photo/1]

Translation: “TEEN TOP is coming back with a new mini-album. The spectacular action film-like font is a hint for their performance.”

  • Big Bang celebrates their 7th Anninversay!
  • SBS reveals teaser from Seung Ri’s “Gotta Talk To U” MV, as well as his interview with the Inkigayo hosts.

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