K-Idol Worship: 2ne1 RETURNS, Jay Park Teases Comeback, John Park Makes His Comeback & Much More

K-Idol Worship

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July 1

  • Xiah Junsu releases the Acoustic Ballad Version of song, “11am” and it was glorious!
  • John Park is attractive for “Baby” MV teaser.

July 2

Former TRAX member, No Minwoo, now known as Icon makes his solo debut with MV “Rock Star.”

  • Mr.Mr teases the release of their 1st mini album, “Waiting For U”

John Park makes beautiful music with his guitar and household objects in new MV “Baby.”


  • 2ne1 drops their 2nd teaser photo for “Falling In Love” with Dara sporting blonde locks, and all the girls looking fierce as usual.
  • Jay Park uses Instagram to announce the release of his album, “I Like 2 Party,” on July 10th. The tracklist:

“I Like 2 Party”



“See Me Again”

July 3

  • Jewelry drops MV teaser for “Hot & Cold” featuring a very handsome Hyung Sik of ZE:A
  • Shinhwa reveals an none broadcasted performance of their song “Brand New” on Chinese Idol.
  • Infinite’s got a B2ST/B.A.P vibe going on in new teaser vid for “Destiny.”

2ne1 (2)

  • 2ne1’s looks sexy while standing on the beach for their 3rd picture teaser for “Falling In Love.”


  • Ailee is looking incredibly pretty for album cover of her upcoming album, “A’s Doll House.”
  • It’s revealed that Se7en’s contract with YG Entertainment ended in April, and that is why the agency had yet to comment on his scandal. YG did not give a clear statement when asked if Se7en would be renewing his contract with them.
  • Wedding rumors about Lee Hyori & her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon fly. Their agencies confirmed the rumors but almost immediately changed their statements to deny the rumors saying:

“They have never gotten wedding invitations made, and there are no plans for marriage.”

  • SHU-I announces the release of their first korean mini album for July 15th.
  • John Park releases his first album, “Inner Child.” Listen here

July 4

  • Davichi releases new MV for “오늘따라 보고싶어서 그래 (Missing You Today).”
  • Ailee drops fierce MV teaser for comeback song “U & I”
  • MYNAME makes a comeback with new MV “Baby I’m Sorry.”

July 5

  • Apink makes their official comeback with the release of MV “No No No.”

  • Jay Park dorps MV teaser for “I Like 2 Party.”

  • Rania celebrates their 2nd anniversary with surprose MV “Up.”

July 6


  • 2pm’s Junho & SNSD’s YoonA & Yuri appear in Vol. 105 of high Cut magazine, view here
  • YG Entertainment starts countdown clock to 2ne1’s comeback

Hyun Ah (2)

  • HyunA of 4minute appears in the July 2013 issue of Elle magazine, view here

July 7

  • 2ne1 returns on a gold encrust, boy filled island in new MV “Falling In Love.”

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