Review: 좋아 (Joah) (Single)

Joah (Single)

Park Jaebeom makes his return to music, and G-rated material with the release of single, “좋아 (Joah).”

“좋아 (Joah)” has the makings of a classic 80s sitcom’s theme song. Even the intro of the music video made me feel as if I was about to watch one. Its upbeat, and high spirited and though it’s subject is not on life, and its ups and downs, it does talk about something everyone feels at some point in their life…love. On a sidenote, the video also gave off this documentary feel at the beginning, I was ready to have Jaebeom take me on a tour of his old neighborhood.

Sitcoms, and documentaries aside, “좋아 (Joah)” was a much needed breathe of fresh air from Jay Park’s usual tunes. It was a relief not to have to hear a curse word around ever corner, and though that made the song loads better than what I’ve been hear from him lately, “좋아 (Joah)” was still lacking…it. I was hoping that Jay would return to R&B and give us “Abandoned/Know Your Name” greatness, and honestly this was a let down. This was Jaebeom struggling to reinvent his music image outside of rapping, and its disappointing because I’ve already seen what he can do when he isn’t spewing curse words left right and center.

Score: .5/1

Really this comeback was a let down. This single could have, and should have been part of a mixtape release. I just wasn’t blown away.

사실이야 (1Hunnit) ft. 도끼 (Dok2): 0/1

Welcome: .25/1

Final Score: 1.25/5

2 thoughts on “Review: 좋아 (Joah) (Single)

  1. Yeah I agree. I’m not loving this song at all or even his recent rap song with Dok2. See, I don’t even remember the name of it. How sad, when I normally really like Jay Park. I still listen to Abandoned and Know Your Name often, so I was pretty meh and surprised at this lackluster song. I know a lot of teenybopper types like it, because I’ve seen them raving on YT. It just doesn’t do it for me.

    Lol @ the 80s sitcom comment. I can so see it.

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