THANK GOODNESS!! LeeSsang Will NOT Be Leaving Their TV Shows


After facing criticism for their Super 7 concert featuring the Infinite Challenge members LeeSsang had announced that they would be taking a break from their variety show schedules meaning Gary would be leaving Running Man and Gil, Infinite Challenge. Today LeeSsang released this statement announcing that they will not be leaving their programs, allowing many fans to take a sigh of relief:

“Hello, all. This is Leessang. Firstly, we sincerely thank all of you who have made us more mature through  your encouragement and scolding. We found it too difficult to withstand the names ‘Leessang’, which we’ve worked hard on for the past 10 years, and ‘Leessang Company’, which we’ve started with hopeful ambition, being [put in a negative light], and so we decided to leave the variety industry in order to focus more on our music and concerts. However, because of us, many people were getting hurt, and more than that, we didn’t want to burden our members, who’ve always been loyal and stayed beside us; though we’re ashamed and sorry, we’ll be returning to the programs. We’ll give more music, concerts, and laughs to everyone with a better attitude. Rather than asking you to trust us, we’ll work our hardest so you can. We’ll pay you back. -posted by Leessang (Gary & Gil).”

I am overjoyed right now, as a diehard Running Man, and LeeSsang fan I was super worried. Is anyone else giving a sigh of relief with me?

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