SM Confirms Krystal & Kai Are An Item…But We’ll Wait For April Fool’s To Pass

Stalkers extraordinaire, Dispatch has caught yet another celeb couple out on a date, and this one might actually be their biggest catch yet! As confirmed by Dispatch’s pics and SM Entertainment, Krystal of f(x) and Kai of EXO are an item!

Krystal & Kai

So far there are only statements from a close source:

“The two know that they are similar: looks, personality, taste in music, fashion taste, and hobbies. It was inevitable that they became lovers.”

but no official statement from SM despite their confirmation. Dispatch really could have waited one more day because April Fool’s Day has me looking at the story sideways. But, in the mean time I’ll just grab my popcorn and watch the fangirl attack begin.

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Source: Dispatch, Koreaboo


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