[Shout Out To 2017] Top 50 Songs Of 2017

Qualification: Released December 10th 2016-December 15, 2017 My rankings are by no means deep or critical, and depending on my mood they can be drastically different. I mean it started out at 25 and here we are with 50. As with any of these year-end lists it’s a collection of songs I love for one reason or another. So please just enjoy. You can even … Continue reading [Shout Out To 2017] Top 50 Songs Of 2017

Get to Know: 달샤벳 (Dal★Shabet)

달샤벳 (Dal★Shabet) Label: Happy Face Entertainment Debut: January 6, 2011 Fan Club: Darling Fan Color: None [SPACE] **VIDEO WILL BE ADDED LATER** [SPACE] Member Profile: 가은 (Ga Eun) Birthday:  July 28, 1992 Position: Rapper, Vocalist Height: 5’6″ 수빈 (Subin) Position: Vocalist Birthday: February 12, 1994 Height: 5’8″ 쎄리 (Serri) Position: Vocalist Birthday: September 16, 1990 Position: 5’4″ 비기 (Viki) Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist Birthday: … Continue reading Get to Know: 달샤벳 (Dal★Shabet)