Get to Know: 틴탑 (Teen Top)

틴탑 (Teen Top) Label: T.O.P Media Debut: July 10, 2010 Fan Club: Angel Fan Color: Pearl Light Lavender [SPACE] **VIDEO WILL BE ADDED LATER** [SPACE] Member Profile: 캡 (C.A.P) Position: Leader, Lead Rapper Birthday: November 4, 1992 Height: 5’10” 니엘 (Neil) Position: Vocalist Birthday: August 16, 1994 Height: 5’9″ 엘조 (L.Joe) Position: Rapper Birthday: November 23, 1993 Height: 5’7″ 천지 (Chunji) Position: Lead Vocalist Birthday: October 5, 1993 Height: 5’8″ … Continue reading Get to Know: 틴탑 (Teen Top)