Get to Know: 써니힐 (Sunny Hill)

써니힐 (Sunny Hill) Label: LOEN Entertainment Debut: September 20, 2011 Fan Club: HːLLЁR Fan Color: Sunshine Yellow [SPACE] **VIDEO WILL BE ADDED LATER** [SPACE] Member Profile: 코타 (Kota) Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: October 14, 1987 Height: 5’2″ 승아 (Seung Ah) Position: Vocalist Birthday: March 29, 1987 Height: 5’4″ 미성 (Misung) Position: Lead Rapper Birthday: April 13, 1986 Height: 5’6″ 장현 (Jang Hyun) Position: Leader, Vocalist … Continue reading Get to Know: 써니힐 (Sunny Hill)

Sunny Hill FINALLY Getting Some Recognition

Sunny Hill is one of my favorite groups, and what I love about them is that their concepts are always unique, and creative and not following the current craze going on in idol world, and finally netizens are praising them for their creativity. Their new song “백마는 오고 있는가 (Is The White Horse Coming?)” is criticizing a “society that finds love in superficial numbers and … Continue reading Sunny Hill FINALLY Getting Some Recognition