Yoseob to Make Solo Debut by Next Week

B2st’s lead singer, Yang Yoseob, is gonna be making a SOLO DEBUT! And as if that wasn’t enough to send B2uty’s into a frenzy, the album was produced entirely by B2ST’s resident rapper, Junhyung! Via Twitter, Junhyung has revealed the album title, “The First Collage,” as well as the tracklist [below]. [tweet https://twitter.com/Joker891219/status/270546790489681920] 01. Look At Me Now 02. 카패인 03. 하던 대로 해 04. 그래도 … Continue reading Yoseob to Make Solo Debut by Next Week

“Midnight Sun” Tracklist Revealed

With B2ST’s comeback right around the corner Cube entertainment has finally revealed the tracklist for their comeback album “Midnight Sun” as well as the composers, writers, and producers behind each track, revealing that member Junhyung had a hand in 5 out of the 6 songs. Cube Entertainment released this statement about the comeback: “You’ll be able to discover new charms of B2ST through this album. They’ve made … Continue reading “Midnight Sun” Tracklist Revealed

Amerie: Heard ‘Em All (Korean/Romanized Lyrics)

[SPACE] Song: Heard ‘Em All (Remix) ft. 4minutes & B2ST Artist: Amerie Album: Heard ‘Em All (Single) [SPACE] Korean [SPACE] 모두 들어봐 시간이 좀 지나 모두 기다려왔던 4Minute is back Pardon the interruption but we got a news flash Someone in the buildin’ said Amerie’s back 니가 원하는걸 이미 갖고 있는 걸 난 언제나 어디서나 알아주는 걸 Get to what you’re doin’ ’cause it ain’t been done … Continue reading Amerie: Heard ‘Em All (Korean/Romanized Lyrics)

Get to Know: 비스트 (B2ST)

비스트 (B2ST) Label: Cube Entertainment Debut: October 16, 2009 Fan Club: B2UTY Fan Color: Pearl Midnight Blue [SPACE] [SPACE] Member Profile: 기광 (Kikwang) Position: Vocalist Birthday: March 30, 1990 Height: 5’6″ 준형 (Junhyung) Position: Lead Rapper Birthday: December 19, 1989 Height: 5’10” 두준 (Doo Joon) Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: July 4, 1989 Height: 5’10” 동운 (Dongwoon) Position: Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: June 6, 1991 Height: 5’11” … Continue reading Get to Know: 비스트 (B2ST)