Got7 Put On A Legendary Performance For ‘Fly In Seoul’

I attended Day 1 of Got7’s ‘FLY in Seoul’ tour on April 29th. I screamed, I cried, I sang, I got my entire life, and hands down had one of the most amazing experiences of my life, which I am here to share with you. But first, a bit of bad news. Pictures and video were not permitted…for reasons, and the staff was pretty strict about it, even going as far … Continue reading Got7 Put On A Legendary Performance For ‘Fly In Seoul’

[March Madness] Social Media’s Savviest

It’s March! Which means winter is nearing it’s end and spring is on it’s way, but here at Asia 24/7, March means it’s time for our annual bloodbath that is MARCH MADNESS!! This year we are engaging in a battle to find social media’s finest! For three weeks you can duke it out by voting in out polls to pick the K-Celeb(s) who have blessed your timelines … Continue reading [March Madness] Social Media’s Savviest

Jackson Confirms What We Already Knew: JYP Loves Himself

So Got7’s Jackson recently dropped some JYP trainee info on us: “JYP Entertainment trainees must memorize 41 different dance moves created by Park Jin Young.” So in addition to having an agency named after himself, whispering his name in just about every song that comes out of said agency, choreographing and composing a majority of the songs released by JYP artists, we now know JYP judges an … Continue reading Jackson Confirms What We Already Knew: JYP Loves Himself

GIF Appreciation: Thankful Edition

2014 wasn’t K-Entertainment’s best year, but ’tis the season to look on the brighter side. Here are a few things we found to be thankful for this year: JYJ Finally Doing Something Musical We’ll accept the CD and MV D’Angelo and His Influence on Tae Yang Jo In Sung & Gong Hyo Jin Making a Drama Couple Real Maybe Lee Kwang Soo Having The Winningest … Continue reading GIF Appreciation: Thankful Edition

[We’re Bi-List] Shaquanda’s Top 15 Biases

Having a bias is not always seen as a good thing, but in Kpop it is EVERYTHING. It’s the reason for getting out of bed, and checking the Twitter feeds, liking Instagram pics, and everything in between! So, I’ve decided to share with you, our lovely readers, my top 10 reasons for life itself. *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * … Continue reading [We’re Bi-List] Shaquanda’s Top 15 Biases