What I’m Listening To: March, 2018

March came in like a lion and is leaving us with bangers. Let’s jump right into the songs I was jam out to this past month. Artist: BIGBANG | Album: 꿏길 (Single) | Release: March 13, 2018 꿏길 (Flower Road) My favs bid farewell to fans, as Dae Sung enlisted, with this tidy little bop. The nature of “Flower Road” is typical, it’s all about … Continue reading What I’m Listening To: March, 2018

Review: Beautiful Kisses

It took 2 years, but hallelujah, I’ve finally found a song I can like from G.NA. “Oops” is less pop sounding than her last few releases, and this sound suits her. Her vocals sound solid, and much less nasal, though it reared its head every now and then. This song reminded me A LOT of NS Yoonji’s “If You Love Me” with Jaebeom, just a cuter approach. As much … Continue reading Review: Beautiful Kisses