[Playlist] 57 Korean Songs For Summer ’18

‘Tis the season of beach bods, short shorts, and Summer bops! I am super partial to the EDM/Tropical House songs that signal warm times are back again, so I put together a playlist of 57 Korean songs for you to soak up rays to. I know there are tons of other k-songs that give all the summer vibes that I missed, so feel free to … Continue reading [Playlist] 57 Korean Songs For Summer ’18

[Shout Out To 2016] Peeps We Lost In 2016

Kpop has seen a lot of huge groups lose members and/or disband in recent years, but 2016 has seen the largest exodus (see what I did there) with some of the biggest names in Kpop splitting up or going solo. Here is our shout out to all the groups we lost in 2016. 4minute 4minute called it quits this year after shifting the blame for their obvious impending split … Continue reading [Shout Out To 2016] Peeps We Lost In 2016