K-Entertainment Takes Part in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge [Part 2]

Here is part 2 of our list of the K-Celebs who have accepted the challenge to date. It may be entertaining to watch your favorite celebs get ice water dumped over their heads, but please remember what this challenge is for. If you have time to watch these videos, you have time to educate yourself on what ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease is. For more information on the disease, read here, and donate … Continue reading K-Entertainment Takes Part in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge [Part 2]

Get to Know: 비스트 (B2ST)

비스트 (B2ST) Label: Cube Entertainment Debut: October 16, 2009 Fan Club: B2UTY Fan Color: Pearl Midnight Blue [SPACE] [SPACE] Member Profile: 기광 (Kikwang) Position: Vocalist Birthday: March 30, 1990 Height: 5’6″ 준형 (Junhyung) Position: Lead Rapper Birthday: December 19, 1989 Height: 5’10” 두준 (Doo Joon) Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: July 4, 1989 Height: 5’10” 동운 (Dongwoon) Position: Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: June 6, 1991 Height: 5’11” … Continue reading Get to Know: 비스트 (B2ST)

B2ST & Woori: Marie Claire December, 2010

After posing in this photoshoot with B2ST model, Woori was harrased by anti-fans who didn’t like that she was nude in a photoshoot with B2ST. She appeared on an episode of SBS “Strong Heart” where she cleared up the misunderstanding:   There’s a secret to this photoshoot. I was at an age where I was too shy to do a nude photoshoot so the team allowed … Continue reading B2ST & Woori: Marie Claire December, 2010