Shinhwa: 2012 Comeback Updates

Shinhwa has official started the countdown to their comeback. They have released an official teaser, and a concept photo through their Official Website and Youtube Account. They will be coming back with a vampire concept. Their album will drop on March 23, and on March 24th and 25th they will have a comeback concert called “The Return.” The album title track will be “Venus” which … Continue reading Shinhwa: 2012 Comeback Updates

Shinwa: Releases Photos and a Sneak Peak of MV

Veteran group Shinhwa will be making a long awaited comeback (I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!) and they recently gave their fans a little treat by showing us sneak peaks of their new music video as well as releasing still from the mv. Check out video below as well as an additional photo. I am especially looking forward to seeing Eric again :D. Who are you looking … Continue reading Shinwa: Releases Photos and a Sneak Peak of MV