Culture Shock: Business Etiquette [South Korea]

General Punctuality is a MUST for Westerners It is okay for YOU to be kept waiting up 30 minutes, it shows the pressure of time on Korean executives. Greeting Shake hands of both men, and women upon meeting Make sure to shake all the men’s hands The higher the person’s rank the deeper your bow should be First Meeting Establishes a trust, and to get to … Continue reading Culture Shock: Business Etiquette [South Korea]

Culture Shock: Table Etiquette [South Korea]

General DO NOT pick up food with your hands Fruit is picked up with a toothpick Turn your head away from others, and use your free hands to cover your mouth Women do this while chewing as cute mannerism DO NOT talk with mouth full DO NOT blow nose your at the table Refuse the first offering of a second helping Try a little of … Continue reading Culture Shock: Table Etiquette [South Korea]

Culture Shock: Greetings [South Korea]

General Bowing is used to show respect to a person’s senior. Friends do not bow with each other unless in public or a formal occasion. Waving to a friend or someone your close with is fine. Bows are sometimes combines with a handshake. Person of lower status bows to the person of higher status. Most senior person initiates the handshake. The person who initiates the … Continue reading Culture Shock: Greetings [South Korea]