Mini Bio: 에이머리 (Amerie)

Amerie is a half-black half-Korean singer, most famous in the United States. She was born Amerie Mi Marie Rogers on January 12, 1980 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Her family moved to Korea shortly after she was born and remained their for 3 years, so her first language is actually Korean. Her mother is Korean artist, Mi Suk, and her father, Charles, is African-American. Her father was a chief warrant officer in … Continue reading Mini Bio: 에이머리 (Amerie)

Amerie: Heard ‘Em All (Korean/Romanized Lyrics)

[SPACE] Song: Heard ‘Em All (Remix) ft. 4minutes & B2ST Artist: Amerie Album: Heard ‘Em All (Single) [SPACE] Korean [SPACE] 모두 들어봐 시간이 좀 지나 모두 기다려왔던 4Minute is back Pardon the interruption but we got a news flash Someone in the buildin’ said Amerie’s back 니가 원하는걸 이미 갖고 있는 걸 난 언제나 어디서나 알아주는 걸 Get to what you’re doin’ ’cause it ain’t been done … Continue reading Amerie: Heard ‘Em All (Korean/Romanized Lyrics)