OCJ Entertainment To Debut New Boy Band

Currently known as OCJ Newbies, the group will have 13 members from Korea, China, Hong Kong & Indonesia.

This year One Cool Jacso Entertainment announced the upcoming debut of their boy band, which will be active in Korea, with the launch of the group’s official SNS account. The account which features the group’s current trainees, revealed thirteen of the sixteen or more members have been selected hailing from Korea, China, Hong Kong, as well as the first ever male idol from Indonesia.

Lex, the group’s leader, has been learning modern dance since he was a child, earning several national dancing awards in Korea. Dongbin and Hyunsik are former members of survival TV program Produce X 101, while other members have appeared on shows including Loud, World Klass, We Are Young, and Stars Awakening.

Even pre-debut, the group has already made quite the stir in the fashion world, featuring in major Asian fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, ELLE MEN, Harper’s Bazaar, and Men’s Uno – all from Hong Kong.

You can connect with OCJ Newbies all over social media at these sites:


Instagram: ocjnewbies 

TikTok: ocjnewbies

YouTube: One Cool Jacso

VLive: One Cool Jacso


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