Complete Breakdown of Seungri Scandal Part 2: Burning Sun

This part of the breakdown is a timeline of everything that has happened wit Seungri, Burning Sun, and Yuri Holdings from March 14th to March 28th.

March 14th, 2019

Yoo In Suk Resigns & Yuri Holdings replaces him as CEO

Following Yoo In Suk’s resignation due to the ongoing investigations of him and other members of the Katalk scandal, Yuri Holdings appointed Ahn Hyo Yoon as the new CEO.

We recently held an emergency board meeting and appointed Ahn Hyo Yoon, a former consulting specialist from outside [the company], as our new CEO. As a management specialist, he will give the company a fresh start. We do not now much about his personal matters. He’s been feeling a lot of pressure about work at the company ever since he got caught up in such disgraceful incidents and had to go through the police investigation.

Source: Soompi
News A Reports On Police Tip Regarding Seungri & Prostitution Claims

Channel A’s News A released report on a tip received by the police regarding Seungri’s involvement in prostitution. The informant is a business man from Gangnam who says he was a close witness of Seungri’s activities and stated that when Japanese representatives from K construction company came to Korea, Seungri would bring them to Burning Sun, and that Korean women were sent to Japan for prostitution.

Source: Soompi
Chat Logs Indicate Seungri Was Gambling Overseas & Indicate Involvement With Prostitution

Seungri: I won 200 million won! You’ll hit it big too, CEO A!

CEO A: Okay. I just need to win enough to cover my travelling expenses. When are you leaving L.A.? Shanghai? Japan?

Seungri: “Which hotel are you staying at? I’m going back to Korea tonight at 11 P.M. and then I’m going to straight to Japan.

Seungri: (Photo of money)

CEO A: Amazing. I’m at ARIA. How are you going to bring the money?

Seungri: Oh, I come here often, so I left it with the ‘save bank’. I decided to only use the money I win in Vegas. If you get bored, hop over to Cosmopolitan. I’ll introduce you to my host. They have great service, and they provide a lot of gambling benefits and discounts there.

CEO A: Oh, I see. Okay. Who should I ask for once I get there?

An official from the prosecution made this statement regarding the gambling accusations:

You have to know the detailed circumstances to know what kind of punishment he could receive. The amount of money gambled and frequency of visits have to be considered. If you leave your money with the save bank and then want to receive the money in Korea, you have to use a broker and pay them a fee. Since this doesn’t technically count as bringing money into Korea, they can avoid being exposed by the financial authorities

Texts messages the show Seungri exchanging photos and information about women to bring to Indonesia with CEO A:

Seungri: Girl number 1 isn’t very talkative but she kind of likes money. Also, she’s a girl that isn’t very charming while drinking. But her visuals are really good.
Seungri: Girl number 3… her visuals are good and so is her personality. When drinking, she is fun and nice… but the problem with her is that when she gets drunk, she is a wreck.
CEO A: What about girl 4?
CEO A: What about girls 2, 4, and 5?
CEO A: So lets eliminate Girl 1 from the selection. Out of Girls 2, 4, and 5, lets see one more.
CEO A: We need more girls like number 3
Seungri: Number 5 is also good!

Seungri: Mr. CEO, what style of girl do you like?
CEO A: Well.. Southeast Asian men like girls with white skin. Girls with white skin are innocent and pure, but also on the other side, sexy girls. A pure, innocent style like XX, XXX, or XXX, or girls who are very fancy/showy and seem like girl group members. How about that style?Height around 160 cm… and slim.

CEO A: Did you tell them about heading to Indonesia?
Seungri: Yes CEO.
CEO A: It should be for 2 or 3 nights. Who knows, it should be about 10 million won? less?
Seungri: Got it!! That’s 10 million won per person, right CEO?

Source: Koreaboo | Asian Junkie
After 16 Hours Of Questioning It Is Reported Seungri refuses to Hand Over Phone To Police

Despite making a statement to the press that he would cooperate with investigation, it is revealed Seungri was refusing to hand over his phone to police. He maid this statement following questioning:

I have faithfully completed my investigation. From today, I plan to officially make a request to the Military Manpower Administration for a delay to my military enlistment. If I receive permission, I will delay my enlistment date and faithfully participate in the investigations until the end.

Source: Koreaboo: 12 |  Netizen Buzz
Seungri’s Lawyer Makes Claims That CEO A Trapped Seungri

Following the release of chat logs that show Seungri providing prices, personalities of the girls, and pictures when requested, his lawyer made a claim that CEO A had scammed Seungri out of 2 billion KRW, had intentionally asked him these questions to set him up for prostitution charges.

[CEO A] scammed [Seungri] out of 2 billion won. Seungri sued him for fraud but fell for the questions that were asked maliciously. It seems that [CEO A] meticulously planned the questions to use as a threat if issues arose after committing the fraud. He sent photos of women he didn’t know that were floating around onthe internet. The deal did not actually take place. He only said those things to be in his good books in hopes that he may get his 2 billion won back.

Source: Koreaboo

March 15th, 2019

New Chatlogs Corroborate Tip That Seungri Sent Prostitutes To Japan

A small part of the texts from the chatroom with Seungri and Jung Joon Young show they used disparaging terms to talk about women, including saying “bringing” and “preparing women.

Bring the girls from OO (Company Name)”, “Prepare them

Source: Koreaboo

March 16th, 2019

The Police Officer From Chatroom Identified By Police, Admits To Being Acquaintances With Yoo In Suk of Yuri Holdings

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency gave a statement on what the Police Officer from the chatroom states to police:

The person in question has admitted to being acquaintances with Mr. Yoo, who was the CEO of Yuri Holdings. He admitted that they have gone golfing and eaten meals together.

Source: Soompi

March 17th, 2019

New Chat Logs Show Seungri Mocking Korean Law

In conversations with business partner Park, Seungri mocks Korean law:

Park: Simply put, XXX is also doing business like that and it’s illegal but difficult to control with the law so everyone’s hushing it up.

Seungri: So that means we wouldn’t have much problem as well. Just hand them some money if we get caught.

Seungri: Go ahead. Talk to 000 about it.

Park: Okay.

Seungri: F*cking Korean law, this is why I love it.

Park: It’s nice how the law is so vague.

Park: Since the law is so vague, even if they get caught, the business owners file a lawsuit right away.

Seungri: We can say that they were moving, not dancing.

*They are referencing the 13% tax for “adult entertainment establishment” that “general restaurants” can avoid due to a Mapo ordinance that allows customers to dance at their seats.

In a conversation with Choi Jong Hoon he talks about a Japanese business man paying for his alcohol bill.

Seungri: The chairman says he’ll pay in cash in yen.

Choi Jonghoon: 8,000,000 yen?

Seungri: 880,000,000 yen…

Seungri: Watch the exchange rate and exchange it later.

He also had a conversation that indicated a plan to evade taxes on the business:

Seungri: I can’t tell if this is a club or a bar. Lol.

Seungri: Have 000 spread word about it.

Kim: I hope we don’t get slapped with a tax bomb if word gets out. Lol.

Source: Koreaboo
Burning Sun CEO Comes To Defense of Seungri By Saying “All Korean Men [Are] Guilty”

In an interview with Kyunghang News, Burning Sun CEO, Lee Moon Ho made this statement regarding Katalk messages:

Seungri is my friend. I made the plan for the Burning Sun and suggested we work together on it. I own 10% of Burning Sun’s shares and Seungri owns 20%. If KakaoTalk messages from three years ago are illegal, then aren’t all Korean men guilty? It’s not even like the prostitution actually happened, they just talked about it.

Source: Koreaboo | Netizen Buzz

March 18th, 2019

Two Women Questions In Connection To Prostitution Claims

Two women who were mentioned in text messages requesting prostitutes were called in for questioning by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and were reported as telling police:

It’s true that we were present there, but there was nothing like prostitution services

Source: Soompi

March 19th, 2019

Seungri Does Phone Interview Where He Denies Prostitution Claims

In an Interview with Sisa Journal Seungri denies providing prostitution services and overseas gambling

Didn’t all of these events begin with the conversations from the KakaoTalk [chatrooms]? Just as we wrote ‘police chief,’ we were just fools, just friends who were bluffing and showing off without knowing anything. These things have caused a public opinion [that I’m involved in] tax evasion and police collusion. Honestly, I’m in a situation where even if I tell the truth, no one will believe it. Even the investigators believe that the contents of the KakaoTalk [chatrooms] are all true and considered evidence. [Sigh] I’m afraid I won’t be judged fairly to be right or wrong due to the fact that I’m famous and a celebrity. Because I feel sorry to the people of Korea, aren’t I in a position where I can’t complain of the injustice or make rebuttals? Finally, to add one more thing, there was no overseas gambling, nor were there prostitution services.

When I said that I earned money during that time, or when I sent pictures of money, I was just bluffing and lying. I wanted to show off, so I said things that weren’t even true. ‘A’ didn’t even see me gamble, nor was he there with me. You can find this if you confirm it with the hotel.

I was in the wrong. I shouldn’t have gotten involved with those guys and done those things.

Source: Soompi
A Club Employee Alledges That Seungri Did Drugs

A Burning Sun employee was reported as having testified to police that Seungri did take drugs, which Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency will be investigating because though they find the testimony credible they have no concrete evidence.

Source: Soompi
Seungri Knew About Minors Entering Burning Sun

MBC Newsdesk revealed that text conversations that confirm Seungri knew about minors entering Burning Sun. In July 2018, a mother called the police about her son being in the club on July 7, 2018 resulting in the club facing suspension of business. It was sent to prosecution’s office with the suggestion of non-indictment, and police who went to the scene never investigated and the case was eventually dropped de to lack of evidence.

Burning Sun CEO Lee Sung Hyun paid former police officer Kang 20 million won (~ $17,704). In a recored conversation between a Mr. Lee and Lee Sung Hyun it is confirmed Seungri knew about the entry of minors to Burning Sun.

Mr. Lee: While drinking soju, talks about [redacted] Hotel came up and the club…

CEO Lee Sung Hyun: It seems someone directly contacted Seungri.

Mr. Lee Since the person directly involved in the report is Seungri, he probably knew.”

CEO Lee Sung Hyun: Yeah, [Seungri] was contacted about two times

Text Messages Show Seungri Talking About Paying Off Police

On SBS 8 O’Clock News revealed text messages that show Seungri talking about paying off police in regards to illegal activity at Monkey Museum.

Mr. Kim: It’s illegal to having dancing or a stage, but you’re good at working flexibly

Park: It’s illegal, but it’s hard to impose sanctions against it, so everyone’s just staying silent

Seungri: It means that we don’t really have a problem. If they crack down, we’ll slip them some money.

Despite it being illegal to open a bar in the residential area that Monkey Museum was located, the avoided crackdowns from the borough office despite videos of people dancing on stage being circulated online. Between March 2016 to August 2018, Monkey Museum was fined 40 million won (~$35,372) for violations and only got light punishments for violating the Food Sanitation Act for employees failing to to undergo health screenings and a lack of price indications.

Source: Soompi
Anna Test Positive For Drugs

The Burning Sun merchandiser knowns as Anna, who is suspected of distributing drugs at the club tested positive for methamphetamine, ecstasy, opium, marijuana, and ketamine.

In an interview with KBS Anna denied distributing drugs:

The fluid that was seized is eye drops for my cat because I have a cat. The white powder [taken by the police] is laundry detergent.

Source: Soompi

March 20th, 2019

Seungri’s Lawyer Denies His Use of Cocaine
Source: Soompi

March 21st, 2019

Seungri’s Lawyers Deny All Allegations Made Against The Singer

In an interview with News1, Seungri’s lawyers deny the allegations that have been made against him.

Those reports are untrue and we will take all necessary measures, whether it involves a cross-examination with the informant or the use of a lie detector. We feel the reports around the prostitution and drug use reports only center around claims made by malicious informants. We feel frustrated and that this is unfair. The text messages being reported on have portions that have been omitted, causing misunderstandings that are different from the truth.

In reference to allegations that Seungri had provided prostitutes:

The reports say Seungri spoke to Mr. Kim to prepare a place at Club Arena and invite women for ‘A,’ who is from Taiwan, and her party, The ‘A’ here is a long-time (female) friend of Seungri and is Singaporean. She has no connection to Seungri’s businesses whatsoever, and her occupation has nothing to do with investments either. There were misunderstandings that ‘A’ was an investor in Burning Sun, but that is not true.

‘A’ was in Korea on holiday but as Seungri was in Nagoya for a concert, he was unable to look after her. So through Mr. Kim, he wanted to introduce her to a female travel companion to shop with her while she was in Seoul.

They were friends ‘A’ brought with her, and it can be assumed that the text messages were referring to sending them to the hotel they’d be staying at. The text messages that were reported didn’t include the initial conversation [of finding travel companions] for A. This part was omitted and only the parts that would catch people’s attention were released. 

In reference to the use of phrase “Ones that give it well.” he made this statement:

Seungri does not remember this part. They’re messages from three years ago. Seungri does not use language like that. It’s a vulgar expression, isn’t it? We believe he didn’t properly express himself as he was having a celebratory dinner after the concert in Nagoya. Even if the conversation is seen as referring to sexual intercourse, Mr. Kim said ‘I’m calling them but I don’t know if they’ll give it well’ and as the women who were called were acquaintances of Mr. Kim, it can be concluded that the conversation was not about prostitution

When asked about why they waited until this interview to speak about the text messages he made this statement:

If Seungri still had the messages from back then, we would have known the facts and spoken clearly from the start. But these were from three years ago and he has no memory of them, and there was no prostitution that took place, so that is why we stated the allegations were untrue. It was only when Seungri was being questioned by the police that he saw the text messages, and it was only after seeing the real names of ‘A’ and the acquaintances Mr. Kim called that Seungri remembered.

When asked about text messages where Seungri discussed the prices of prostitutes, his lawyer had this response:

We have the text messages from then. The women Seungri was recommending were not for sexual escort services. The business partner said, ‘I’m meeting the king of Indonesia. Please recommend women who could go with me like they are my wife or girlfriend,’ asking for a woman who could attend various events with him. It was not for sexual escort services, more like a part-time job of attending a wedding or other events. In the end, Seungri and his business partner went to Indonesia, just the two of them. Seungri had invested 2 billion won (approximately $1.8 million) through him and was just trying to treat him well to maintain their business relationship and get his investment back.

Source: Soompi

March 22st, 2019

Seungri Booked For Illegal Operations At Monkey Museum

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Provincial Special Detective Division booked Seungri for violating Food Sanitation Act on March 21st. (See March 19: Text Messages Show Seungri Talking About Paying Off Police)

Source: Soompi
Seungri Admits To Knowing About Illegal Operations At Monkey Museum

KBS News reported that during questioning Seungri admitted to knowing Monkey Museum was registered illegally as a “general restaurant,” but that they were doing what other clubs in the area did, and that the issue was corrected when it was pointed out in a crackdown.

Source: Soompi
Seungri Discusses Accusation In Interview With Chosun Ilbo

Seungri sat down with Chosun Ilbo to address the many allegations against him.

I am sorry and ashamed of myself. It was wrong of me to be involved in inappropriate businesses as a public figure.

Right now, no matter what I say, no one will believe me. Even though I was cleared of charges by the police investigation, people swear by the idea that I bribed the police to say that. I am not in a position where I can strongly state my opinion, but I want to explain because the news about Burning Sun are becoming much different than the facts that I know of.

When asked why he wanted to do an interview Seungri said:

To be honest, I don’t think I’m in the position to come out with a strong stance or say I am suffering from unfair treatment. I have acted in a way that is unsuitable for a public figure, and I became tied to wrongful businesses. However, I feel like what is reported right now is too far from the truth. I want to talk about the truth I know, and help the situation.

He addressed his involvement in these business:

I think it’s because I said in ‘I Live Alone’ and other programs that ‘I run all of my businesses and I’m the feet on the ground for them.’ The club and the hotel [investor Le Meridien] both wanted to attract a younger crowd, as well as foreigners, so my name and image were used in promotions, which probably helped fuel the misunderstanding. I enjoy being a DJ so I didn’t think it was a bad idea at the time, and because it was a club run at a hotel, I didn’t think anything bad would happen.

He talked about his relationship with Burning Sun CEO Lee Min Ho:

CEOs Lee Sung Hyun and Lee Moon Ho were in charge of everything from management to finances and employees. I’ve never been to a meeting for Burning Sun, nor have I received a list of employees or calculated their wages. I really was just the face of the club. All I did was lend my name and invest 10 million won (approximately $8,800) through Yuri Holdings.

He denied knowing about illegal activities including drug use, and minors being in the club:

If they did do that, then I’m also a victim as a shareholder. I didn’t know anything, all I did was promote for them.

He explained his claim that text messages with Jung Joon Young were fake:

They were from 2015. How can you remember text messages from three years ago? I really couldn’t remember them. I couldn’t believe I would say something like what was being alleged. None of the conversations had time stamps, and no context. I truly believed they were fabricated.

About his involvement with prostitution:

In the Club Arena case, it’s regarding a woman from Singapore called Kimmy. She’s the daughter of a famous soccer club owner. I’ve received a lot of help from her, so I just wanted to look out for her. I had invested two billion won (approximately $1.8 million) through him and hadn’t received it back. I needed to be on his good side. He asked me to introduce someone to accompany him on a visit to see the king of Indonesia. He said he wanted to set aside some spending money for his companion and asked if 10 million won would be enough. I repeated the amount to ask for clarification, and that’s it. But then he later told me he’d figure it out himself and just canceled.” Seungri added, “I never ended up getting my investment back. I pressed charges against him in 2015 but he threatened to take the story to the media, so I had to cancel my charges.

He spoke about his relationship with Senior Superintendent Yoon:

Yoo In Suk introduced him to me as a ‘good person.’ I was just told that he worked at the Blue House, so we had a meal together. We met a total of four times after that till last winter. We never talked about clubs, he liked to talk about history. I didn’t even know he was a police officer. He didn’t know BIGBANG but said he started listening to BIGBANG songs after knowing me. Choi Jong Hoon golfed with him but I never did. There was never any bribery going on. Even when Yoo In Suk tried to pay for meals, he’d get angry and say he’d get in trouble so he paid for everything himself.

He also claims that he tried to stop Jung Joon Young from sharing videos in the chat room:

Those messages aren’t my entire life. Of course I asked him to stop. When we met offline, I told him to stop and said he’d be in big trouble. I said that to all of them, not just Jung Joon Young. It was just never through text conversations.

He also said:

My only hope is that the investigation and results are seen with an objective eye. These days, people are tying everything from YG to Choi Soon Sil, BIGBANG, Kim Hak Ui, Hwang Kyo Ahn, and others. But I’m just a celebrity. I don’t know those people at all. This was a situation that occurred at a club, but people are tying it to politics and creating a completely new narrative and that’s scary. I’m confused. I’m just telling the truth, and I’m helping with the investigation as much as I can. I just wish things will calm down until the investigation is over and people will see what’s going on with an objective eye. I am so apologetic to the fans and public, my former agency YG, and my teammates who have been with me for over 10 years. No matter what the outcome of the investigation, I believe I will bear this for the rest of my life. I will reflect. Seeing how my wrongful actions from a few years ago have caused such a big situation, I find myself so pathetic and shameful. I hope everything is resolved soon so the public will no longer be inconvenienced.

Source: Soompi | Koreaboo

March 23rd, 2019

More Text Messages Show Seungri’s Involvement With Prostitution

In a text in 2015, Seungri send a text about planning a Christmas party.

Seungri: President A from Japan is coming, so lets make sure to prepare extra carefully.

Seungri: President A also has guests coming, so we are preparing a separate party for him.

Seungri: Lets give back 100 times what we received from him.

Yoo In Suk: Our goal this time is to make the Japanese people message us next week saying ‘shouldn’t we go back to them.’

Yoo In Suk: Let’s just call all of the girls that we know, really.

Yoo In Suk: To the point there are no girls left in the clubs.

Seungri: Okay. I got it all.


Mr. Park: [Name redacted] and I are currently finishing up at a restaurant.

XXX: I’ll call the girls until 11pm, will that be okay?

Mr. Park: The guests are almost there. They have 2 kilometers left. We are on the 2nd floor.

The next day Yoo In Suk texts saying he’d send a gift:

Yoo In Suk: This hyung has a gift for you.

XXX: What is it?

Yoo In Suk: I’ll send you the address.

XXX: The Japanese [businessmen] have been entertained, what about the rest of the girls?

Mr. Kim: There are 6 girls with them, there are still many girls left.

In response to this report Seungri’s lawyer said:

All suspicions having to do with CEO ‘A’ are false.

Source: Soompi |  Koreaboo

March 24th, 2019

More Text Messages Show Seungri Arranging For Prostitutes For Investors

SBS released more text messages that showed Seungri’s involvement in providing prostitutes for investors in BC Holdings. BC Holdings, Billionaire Children Club, was was founded in March 2016 by Seungri, Yoo In Suk, and Ryu Jae Wook with 43,000 won, and since it’s establishment bought a concrete company and invested in Vietnamese businesses. The National Tax Service is conducting a investigation on how the company was able to raise 30 billion won in funds after starting with less than 50,000 won. The following text messages show Seungri, Mr. Kim and Yoo In Suk discussing providing women for an investor known as Mr. A.

Mr. Kim: I’ll go and take care of the two main areas and the security. Take good care of him.

Seungri: Sure, and the girls? How about the easy girls?

Mr. Kim: I’m calling them but I want to give him them. I’m calling Ssanmai first.

Seungri: Anyway, do well.

Yoo In Suk: Right now I am preparing the girls. When the two girls come, XX will lead them to the hotel room. Take care of things so we can get there well. Is 2 enough?

Mr. Kim: Yes. I’ll send the two men to the hotel room.

A source stated to SBS:

I don’t know if Mr. A ended up investing in Seungri’s business or not, but Seungri put in a lot of effort to try and get Mr. A to invest in his business in 2015.

Source: Koreaboo

March 27th, 2019

Seungri’s Lawyers Continue to Deny His Involvement

Seungri’s lawyers spoke to SBS News again to continue to deny his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal:

The public is very angry, and Seungri is having a very hard time.

When asked about his I Live Alone statement: “People think a celebrity running a business means that they only become the face of the company, but I really do it. I really do everything,” his lawyers said

He wasn’t the owner, but only played the part of a promoter. The broadcasts were ‘promotions’ too. Seungri was just the face of the brand. Since he had to seem like an accomplished businessman, he went a bit overboard on the broadcast.

They also said about his role at Burning Sun:

He never once received direct reports about what happened in Burning Sun. He only heard news from people around him. He asked Lee Moon Ho about his drug use multiple times. He said he wasn’t using drugs. He never saw what the customers did, so he also had no idea how everything was being managed.

Reporter Kang Kyung Yoon of SBS made this statement:

He says he was only the face of the brand, but he was an executive since the very beginning. The CEO he appointed is actually his close friend, so it’s impossible to say that Seungri knew nothing about this.

Source: Koreaboo


March 28th, 2019

It Is Revealed Seungri Did Invest In Burning Sun, Which He Previously Denied

Yonhap News reported that in November 2017, that Jun Won Corporation, a company managing Le Méridien Hotel, a HR representative of Seungri, and a Taiwanese businesswoman known as Madam Lin met in Seoul to sign investment documents fro Burning SunJun Won Corporation invested around 1.2 billion won (~ $1,077,810), Madam Lin invested 1 billion won (~$879,845), and Seungri invested 225 million won (~ $197,965). Also the share holdings were also revealed with Jun Won Corporation holding 42%, Yuri Holdings and Madam Lin with 20%, CEO Lee Moon Ho with 10%, and CEO Lee Sung Hyun holding 8%.

Seungri had previously claimed that he was only in charge of promoting the club and had made no investment.

Police made the following statement:

We are checking to see if there are suspicions of embezzlement or tax evasion that occurred in the process of distributing Burning Sun’s profits to MDs (promoters). We are questioning some people in relation to Burning Sun as witnesses.

Source: Soompi
It’s Revealed Monkey Museum Has A Chinese Branch

It has been revealed though Seungri’s social media, Chinese media, and fan blogs that Monkey Museum has a branch in Changsha, China and that Seungri was involved. He held a launch party that hosted about 1,000 people on May 25, 2017. DJs from his label Natural High Record, attended the launch party and performed at the club multiple times.

Source: Koreaboo
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