Complete Breakdown of Jung Joon Young Katalk & Seungri Burning Sun Scandal Police Corruption Part 1

This breakdown will be regarding everything that relates to the investigation of police corruption, there will be some information that is repeated from other areas of this scandal involving Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and the Katalk chats.

March 13th, 2019

Evidence of Police Collusion Is Found In Katalk Case; Lawyer Who Uncovered Chats Talks About Why He Turned Them Over to Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

Lawyer and SBS reporter Bang Jung Hyun on CBS Radio’s Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show, discusses why he sent the Katalk transcript to Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission instead of police stating that it is his job to protect the identity of the original whistleblower and worried that if he sent the data to an investigative agency (such as the police), they may focus on finding out the identity of the whistleblower. He mentions that in the chat it was mentioned a number of times “I contacted [the high-ranking official]” or “I did [so-and-so] with [the high-ranking official] and resolved it in reference to a situation popping up. There was also a comment of, “So-and-so from the police called me to say happy birthday.”

He is quoted as saying: “The person in the conversation appeared to be tied with the most influential head of the police, and that led to other ties with other police officers of lower ranks.”

DJ: Is it just one person who’s saying they resolved issues by talking to the police, or is it everyone?

Bang Jung Hyun: One person is saying they are the most closely tied, but the other people are also aware of this. [That one person] is related to Burning Sun.

About whether there were other crimes revealed in the chat, without stating what the crime is he said:

As you may know, there are many cases that are being investigated in relation to Burning Sun. There’s another case that’s similar to one of those cases….It is, however, related to one of those businesses [run by Seungri].

Source: Soompi | The Chosun Ilbo

Police reveal there are comments that suggest the Police commissioner was involved in the prostitution case. Both Seungri and singer Jung Jun Young allegedly say “police commissioner is taking care of it,” while FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon allegedly said “please keep news of my drunk driving out of the media.”

Source: Netizen Buzz
Police Commissioner, Min Gap Ryong, Makes a Statement About Collusion

The chats in question took place in July 2016, when Kang Shin Myung was Commissioner, current Commissioner Min Gap Ryong released this statement:

I will check thoroughly to find out if there was an incident that the police was involved in at the time. There is a specific individual who made this comment, but it is difficult to reveal details as the investigation is on-going. If crimes are discovered in the process, they will be convicted thoroughly regardless of rank.

Due to the nuances that suggest that (a high-level chief) was watching their backs, we are thoroughly conducting investigations for any connections. For now, we are conducting an internal investigation. We will utilize all capabilities of the police to thoroughly investigate/inspect the suspicions about the corrupt ties involving the highest levels of the

Source: SoompiKoreaboo
It Is Revealed That The Police Covered Up Evidence In Jung Joon Young’s 2016 Hidden Camera Case

Sungdong Police Officer XXX: This is XXX from the Sungdong Police Station. So, there is a case that we are investigating and there is something that is a little complicated. Jung Joon Young told us that he left the data from his cell phone here. Wouldn’t it take a long time [to restore]?

Either way, he admitted to doing it himself, and we don’t have that much time, so since the phone is old and slow, could you just write us a confirmation letter saying that the data on the phone was unable to be restored, for investigation.

Digital Forensics Worker: That is the nature of this work, so there is a procedure that we need to follow. I have to include in the letter why [the data could not be restored], so I’m not so sure about this.

In an interview with the officer, he claimed to not remember:

SBS: Was there a time where you requested the digital forensics worker to declare “the restoration was not possible” or for the worker to write a fake confirmation letter?

XXX: This is the first time I’m hearing the phrase “restoration not possible”. It’s unprecedented for the officer in charge of an investigation to ask something like that from a private company.

SBS: You didn’t make that request?

XXX: I did not. Because the forensics worker was working on it.

But when he was played audio of him making the request he admitted to it

Sungdong Police Officer XXX:It’s true that I did make that phone call. But, the situation wasn’t so severe that I had to say something to that point, right?

I am in quite the awkward position now, right? Right now.

SBS: Later on, did you receive the results from the digital forensics company?

XXX: We did not receive them.

SBS: So, do you know what content was in the phone then?

XXX: I don’t know.

Source: Koreaboo | Soompi
Journalist Kang Kyung Yoon Releases Proof Seungri Was Knowledgable Of Police Collusion

SBS funE released transcripts of texts between Seungri and Kim that show him having knowledge of police collusion:

Mr. Kim: It’d be awesome if we can resolve the air conditioning situation (in the club)

Seungri: Yea

Mr. Kim: I saw the message between XX hyung and the police chief

Mr. Kim: Looks like the report was taken care of too ㅎㅎㅎ

Seungri: What did he say

Mr. Kim: It was really long. Yesterday, another business

Mr. Kim: took a photo of the interior [of Monkey Museum] and reported it [for a violation]

Mr. Kim: but the police chief said the other business reported it because they were jealous and said not to worry, that he’d take care of it for us. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

When SBS interview CEO Yoo, he made this statement:

I don’t know anyone related to the police. Whether it is the police chief, or the Seoul police chief, I don’t know anyone. We have not been at the same spot together.

Source: Koreaboo | Asian Junkie |
Kang Shin Myung Denies Involvement In Corruption

Following suspicions of Kang Shin Myung being the commissioner involved in collusion with Seungri, he made the following statement:

With all of my honor at stake, I am stating that I have no relation to the matter. I only became aware of the case [involving Jung Joon Young and Seungri] today, and I know nothing about it. I learned about Seungri for the first time through this incident, and I have no relation to him whatsoever. It is not worth responding to each and every [accusation].

In reference to the cover up of Choi Jung Hoon’s DUI he made this statement:

The fact that a Commissioner General of the Korean National Police Agency can cover up a drunk driving incident is just against common sense.

Source: Soompi
Police Confirm There Is Evidence of Police Corruption In Seungri’s Texts; Police Chief Min Makes Statement

The police released a statement that confirmed their are texts that suggest police collusion:

In the content of the group chatroom from October 2016, the term “police chief” was mentioned. There was a conversation that suggested not to worry about the civil complaint regarding the business since the police chief (would take care of it). The conversation consisted of worries about reports on a DUI case and that someone had covered it up.

National Police Agency Police Chief Min Gap Ryong made this statement about thoroughly investigating the corruption:

Due to the nuances that suggest that (a high-level chief) was watching their backs, we are thoroughly conducting investigations for any connections. For now, we are conducting an internal investigation. We will utilize all capabilities of the police to thoroughly investigate/inspect the suspicions about the corrupt ties involving the highest levels of the power.

We will guarantee the citizens’ rights to know and secure the investigation’s transparency and fairness. Furthermore, not only will we investigate the suspicions of corruption by the police, but we will also carry out internal inspection and convict those who are confirmed to have committed crimes regardless of rank. In the end, we will announce the final results to the public. [We will investigate] not only the clubs in the Gangnam district, but also those of similar organizations across the country. In order to eradicate the source of all absurd acts, we will host an extensive investigation in every direction regarding matters such as drugs, sexual assault, taking and sharing hidden camera videos, and connections to the police. By deploying all capable police officers, we will pull out the root of the anti-social climate that instigates crime and illegal activities in its entirety.We will not forget that the police are citizens in uniform, and we will carry out our mission as guardians of safety and human rights. With sincere communication and kind-hearted law enforcement, we will earn trust from the citizens one step at a time.

Source: Koreaboo | Soompi

March 14th, 2019

Former Police Comissoner Lee Sang Won denies allegations of being the police commisioner involved in Seungri/Burning Sun Collusion case

Former Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Lee Sang Won made the following statement to deny being the police commisioner referenced in texts with Burning Sun staff and Seungri

I have never worked in the Gangnam district of Seoul, and I am not acquainted with [celebrities including Seungri]. I do not even know where Burning Sun is. In Seoul, I mainly worked in the main office. I worked at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the Seoul Eunpyeong Police Station, and there is no possibility of [me] having a connection with them (Burning Sun).

Source: Soompi | The Chosun Ilbo

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