Complete Breakdown of Seungri Scandal Part 1.5: Burning Sun- Tax Evasion, Drugs, Sexual Assault & Prostitution

In this part of the breakdown, I am giving a timeline of everything that happened with Burning Sun after the assault of Kim, which includes the discovery of tax evasion, drug use and distribution, and the sexual assault and prostitution of women.

February 4th: Dispatch Reports On Possible Prostitution At Burning Sun

Dispatch releases a complete report on Burning Sun and the organization of the company which includes how employees made money. It is confirmed that the owners of Burning Sun are CEO Lee Sung Hyun (Not Seungri) and Lee Moon Ho, directors are Kang XX and Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri), and inspectors are Kang Hyun Sook (Seungri’s mother) and Kim Gun Ho.

The clubs organization chart, the hierarchy is also revealed. Top rank are the CEO, 2nd ranks are Directors, Manager, and VIP, and third are merchandizers referred to as MD. Their are responsible for bringing customers, and for every woman they get paid between 20,000 and 50,000 won, and for men they get between 15% and 20% of their alcohol sales. A MD told Dispatch the way to attract women customers is to get a “homerun” which is to bring a drunk woman to rooms. These women were referred to as “mulge” for beautiful customer. MD’s earn money by bring women to VIP rooms where they would be sexually harassed, raped, assaulted.

MD 1: The VIP room is looking for a female customer.

MD 2: OK. I’m looking.

MD 1: I’m looking everywhere. Hurry up and help me find a female customer.

MD 1: It’s not necessary a beautiful one. Just a drunk girl is OK.

MD 2: Let me see if I can find any “snails”.

MD 1: Help me to get the “homerun”.

Director “A”: Now look into the room.

Director “A”: They’re doing it.

MD 1: How did you see it?

MD 2: Oh ~ It’s real.

MD 3: Having fun at Burning.

A video recording of the sex scene in the VIP room was confirmed by Dispatch as well as that it was passed around by employees.

Additionally, an employee was quoted by Dispatch saying:

If VIPs have a happy night, they will almost certainly come back. So some MD also sneakily give them ecstasy because female guests will lose consciousness for a moment. There is also the possibility of sexual harassment after that.

Also discussed are “hi-passes” where if a minor was deemed “qualified” meaning pretty enough they would be allowed to enter the club without ID

“Harassment, violence? Just blame the customers for it. Drug? Just say it’s due to the customer’s fault. However, letting minors into the club is different. It is completely the responsibility of the club. The biggest reason for keeping good relations with the police is the report on minors.” -Burning Sun Employee

Director “A”: The guests that have problems with ID cards, Just get the pretty kids.

Director “A”: Don’t look for those ugly kids who don’t have ID cards. So annoying.

Director “A”: Too ugly to be allowed in and they don’t even have ID cards. Do you even think?

MD 1: Yes! I got it.

In 20 Burning Sun was reported for having underage people in the club, the club manager stated:

“The police were mobilized. There were one female and two male police officers”, “They did not come in to search for those minors but (went to the door and) returned. The senior staff of the club went out and confronted the police. They said that it could be information fabricated by other competing businesses. They said they had checked the guests’ ID cards very carefully and the police just left. At that time, I thought ‘how can it be’.

The police responded to Dispatch about this on February 1st:

Today (1/2), there are personnel dispatched there. People who have been there before are not currently here.

More chats were released

MD 1: (send pictures taken without permission) They stretched the girl’s arms and legs.

Director “A”: The skirt is up.

MD 2: Her body is nice, but her face is ugly.

CEO “C”: If it isn’t high-class, I won’t use it.

Director “A”: The girl at table O doesn’t look well. Tell her to go away.

Guard 1: Confirmed.

Director “B”: Female guest that I’m about to take away is touched by someone. Where’s the guard, hurry up?

Guard 2: Confirmed. It’s been handled.

And just like that, problems happen and are taken care of.

MD 1: Director “A” hit a woman.

MD 2: Why?

MD 1: For refusing to go home with him.

Sources: Dispatch, Asian Junkie
February 11th, 2019: Seungri Resigns from his Ramen business
Source: NetizenBuzz
February 13th, 2019: Seungri Is Seen In Photo With Chinese Woman Thought to Be Burning Sun Drug Distributor

A photo surfaces of Seungri with a Chinese woman known as Anna, who is believed to the drug distributor at Burning Sun. Some reports identified her as the woman who sued Kim Sang Kyo. Seungri denies any affiliation:

I was at the club and she asked me for a photo, so I agreed. I don’t remember when we took the photo or who she is. There are countless photos of me and fans on the internet, on social media, and in online communities. When I’m at the club, there are a lot of people that approach me and ask for a photo, and I usually accept.

Source: NetizenBuzz, Soompi
February 15th, 2019: Burning Sun Is Raided by Police

Police raided Burning Sun, 32 investigators removed four boxes of potential evidence.

Le Méridien Hotel hotel, where Burning Sun was located, move to terminate contract and request the club to leave the property:

We signed a lease agreement last April, and there are still many years left on the contract. We requested that they terminate the contract, and we’re waiting for their reply

Police make statement on opening an investigation on Seungri:

We are considering opening an investigation into Seungri as he was listed as the executive director of Burning Sun at the time. We have plans to expand the investigation to the entire Gangnam Club to include MD’s and directors.

Source: Koreaboo, Asian Junkie
February 16th, 2019: Seungri Makes Statement About Burning Sun at Concert, “Seungri 1st Solo Tour The Great Seungri Final in Seoul”

I wish to speak about the recent controversy. I feel like if I don’t, the people who have come today will feel uncomfortable. I am very apologetic to all those who care for me. I’m sorry for causing disappointment for so many people, and I am reflecting on what has happened. Despite there being a controversy, I did not act in a responsible manner. Despite the fact that the controversy took place in a location that I have publicly spoken about, I did not act in a responsible way and for that, I am ashamed and regretful. It is all due to my negligence. As I am a celebrity, I will think and act more carefully from now on. I want to apologize for not showing modesty and for acting carelessly. For the past year, I have been doing my best to bring you all happiness. But I have brought you disappointment, and for that, I am ashamed. I want to apologize once again, and I will take all of your words to heart.

I’ve put a lot of preparation into this. I will be grateful if you can enjoy the concert. I think that would make me feel like all my work was worth it.

Source: Soompi
February 17th, 2019: The Investigation Into Burning Sun Expands to Other Nightclubs & Results In Drug Crackdown

Following the Burning Sun investigation, police widen crackdown on drug in clubs. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency release this statement:

In addition to Burning Sun we have widened the scope of the drug investigation to clubs in the Gangnam area. It is inevitable to broaden the investigation as club promoters that receive a commission for attracting customers work with a number of clubs at the same time.

Sources: Korea Herald
February 18th, 2019: Burning Sun Employee Is Arrested

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department receive a warrant to search the home of an employee of Burning Sun who is suspected of using and trafficking drugs. They found ecstasy in his home, and he was arrested. Additionally a travel ban is placed on Anna, the Chinese woman thought to be supplying drugs to Burning Sun. Police also make a statement on expanding investigation to include Seungri:

We haven’t ruled out the possibility (of Seungri being questioned). If it’s necessary, (he) could face an investigation

Source: Korea Herald, Asian Junkie
February 20th, 2019: Burning Sun Shutdown is Halted By Police

Police in order to prevent the possible destruction of evidence halted the process of Burning Sun leaving the Le Méridien Hotel hotel. They released this statement:

Le Meridien hotel agreed to stop the pullout of Burning Sun. The hotel asked for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s opinion about the pullout on Monday, and police requested a stop to the move due to evidence that might be destroyed

Source: Korea Herald
February 22nd, 2019: Actress Park Han Byul’s Husband Is Revealed To Be Seungri’s Business Partner
February 25th, 2019: Katalk Chats Reveal Seungri requested Prostitutes For High Profile Clients

SBS funE reported uncovering texts dated  December 6, 2015, at 11:38 pm KST.

We have obtained a KakaoTalk (mobile instant messenger) conversation between Seungri, singer C, Representative Yoo of Yuri Holdings (an investment company Seungri was preparing to establish), and an Employee Kim.


Employee Kim: Two spots in the main area with guards…we’ll take good care of them

Seungri: And the girls? Ones that give it well

Employee Kim: I’m calling them but I don’t know if they’ll give it well. I’m calling cheap ones first

Seungri: Anyway, do a good job.

Representative Yoo: I’m getting the prostitutes ready right now, so when two prostitutes come, you (Employee Kim) guide them and make sure they get to the hotel room safely

Employee Kim: Yes. I sent the two men [to the room].

YG Entertainment responded with this statement:

Hello, this is YG Entertainment. Here is our statement regarding today’s article about Seungri. Upon checking with the artist himself, the text messages in the article are fabricated and not true. In addition, just as we have always done, we inform you that we will take strong legal action against the proliferation and reproduction of rumors and fake news.

Source: Soompi
February 26th, 2019: Police Launch Investigation Into Seungri Prostitution Claims

Police release statement announcing the beginning of investigations of Seungri for engaging in prostitution:

We have launched an investigation into the escort service claims that have been reported on by the media.

Park Han Byul’s Agency Makes Statement

It is true that Park Han Byul’s husband worked together with Seungri as business partners, but because he is a non-celebrity and because it is his private life, we are in a situation where we currently do not know all the details of the inside story. Moving forward, please refrain from [releasing] any speculative reports regarding Park Han Byul and her husband. There are no plans for additional statements. What we have already mentioned before is everything there is.

Yuri Holdings Makes Statement In Response To Prostitution Claims

Recently, Yuri Holdings has been in the news, since the Burning Sun incident.

Firstly, we take responsibility for the issue as one of the companies holding stocks in Burning Sun.

However, we feel the need to release our official statement regarding the facts surrounding Yuri Holdings as we can no longer sit back and watch articles written on claims and suspicions.

The text messages that have become an issue are all completely false, and we believe someone with malicious intent towards Seungri and our company has fabricated these text messages as a grudge and sent them to reporters. This is fake news that has been published without being confirmed.

Not only do we not have any foreign shareholders in our company, but the text messages were released on a newly-created image based on content submitted by a tip rather than actual screenshots of the conversations themselves. We cannot stay silent on the matter anymore and have decided to give our statement.

We plan to request an investigation into the individual who fabricated the text messages and submitted them to reporters, and we will take legal action to reveal the truth.

Executive Director Lee Hong Gyu

Journalist Kang Kyung Yoon Responds To Accusations Of Fabricating Texts

There is no reason to fabricate or edit the reported messages. There was absolutely no fabrication or editing other than filtering some severely despicable expressions, and everything is true. If a request is received from the investigative agency, [I] will actively cooperate

Seungri Releases Statements Regarding Prostitution Allegations

We are relaying Seungri’s statement that he sent us yesterday evening.

For the last month, regarding the unsettling issues and news that have been brought forth about him, Seungri has continuously expressed his apologies to everyone. Though it’s small, Seungri has revealed that he wishes to, as soon as possible, submit to drug tests as well as actively cooperate with investigations on all the allegations surrounding him.

YG Entertainment is of the same stance as Seungri, and our legal team will be contacting investigative authorities this morning to relay Seungri’s wishes to go into the station soon to cooperate with investigations.

We hope that through thorough investigations by the police, the truth of the indiscriminate rumors will be revealed, and if there is even the slightest issue, Seungri will have to accept the legal consequences.

Conversely, if the rumors are proved false, we will, in addition to requesting a police investigation, be preparing all routes of legal action.

Photos Of Seungri Allegedly Take Nitrous Oxide or “Happy Balloon” Surface In Vietnam

After the problematic photos of him at the club spread on the internet, Seungri’s Instagram account is being spammed by [Vietnamese] fans telling him to return to Korea.

YG responded with this statement:

Upon checking with Seungri, the photo was taken from a misleading angle. He said he has never inhaled nitrous oxide. The reports from Vietnam are clearly false reports, and he feels very falsely accused. He is arguing that it doesn’t make sense for him to inhale nitrous oxide in an public place like a club.

Seungri Volunteers to Take Drug Test

I will voluntarily go to the police and take an extensive drug test

Source: Soompi 1, 2,3, | Netizen Buzz 1, 2
February 27th, 2019: Seungri Submits To Questioning

Before entering for questioning Seungri made this statement:

This morning, I submitted a petition asking for a thorough investigation into myself. Once again, I apologize for causing concern and anger with the various controversies and accusations. I will earnestly cooperate with investigations so that the truth can be revealed as soon as possible.

After eight and a half hours of questioning Seungri made this statement to press:

Questioning for all allegations has been finished. Regarding drugs, I underwent all drug tests requested by the narcotics unit. Many people are angry about the various controversies, and I will cooperate with police so that all suspicions can be dispelled. I ask that you wait for the results of the investigation. If the police require anything else, I will return for further questioning.

Seungri Tests Negative For Drugs

Seungri’s lawyers make statement regarding his drug test:

According to the police, there were no issues with the first round of drug tests and [Seungri] was tested negative. Because a hair follicle testing will be able to detect drugs up to two to three years prior to the test, it has been sent to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. We were told to expect the results one or two weeks later. We are anticipating the truths for many allegations to be revealed shortly.

Disposal Trucks Are Spotted Outside YG

Reporters see disposal truck outside of YG Entertainment resulting in questions over the agency destroying evidence. At truck was seen arriving at the building at 6:35am and told it was their first time at the building. When reports started to take data their were told by five YG employees “You can’t take photos here.” a second truck arrived at 7:55am. They both left at 8:43 a.m. When asked by the drivers said:

They told me to come again later.

There were boxes, paper bags, and suitcases, and judging from the weight, there seemed to be electronics like computers as well.

We usually [start working] at 9 a.m. We also work at dawn when the client requests it, but most clients avoid doing so because they have to pay extra money. But companies in the public eye like entertainment agencies or news outlets often [request] that the work be done at dawn. We not only destroy documents but also other things like smartphones or computers.

YG released this statement:

It was a periodic document destruction process we undertake every month or quarter

Police made this statement:

There is no way we would have known about YG destroying their documents. [Even if we had known,] there is no justification for stopping them from destroying their documents when a direct connection between YG and the Burning Sun incident has not been found yet.

Source: Soompi, 1, 2 | Netizen Buzz
February 28th, 2019: Seungri Halts All Activity

YG released this statement:

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

Seungri has unfortunately canceled his upcoming concerts in Osaka on March 9 and 10 and in Jakarta on March 17. We ask for the generous understanding of many people who were waiting for the concerts.

Seungri voluntarily arrived at the police station at approximately 9 p.m. yesterday and diligently participated in the police investigation regarding the suspicions for about eight hours and 30 minutes.

Seungri earnestly requested for the police to especially investigate the suspicions regarding prostitution services rigorously.

Not only the concerts, but Seungri will halt all other scheduled activities and actively cooperate with all upcoming police investigations.

As they are suspicions that many people are curious about, we hope that all of the suspicions and truths are unveiled as quickly as possible through speedy and rigorous investigations by the police.

Source: Soompi
March 1st, 2019: Police Confirm They Have Not Obtained Original Texts From Seungri From Reporter

We requested the KakaoTalk messages from the reporter who was first to report on the sexual escort services claims involving Seungri. However, we have not received them yet.

Source: Naver News
March 4th, 2019: Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission Receives Texts
Source: Netizen Buzz
March 5th, 2019: Burning Sun Is Investigated For Tax Evasion
Source: Asian Junkie
March 7th, 2019: MBC Releases Evidence That Seungri Was More Involved With Burning Sun That He Has Suggested

Initial Investment documents for Burning Sun, found by MBC, show that of the 2.5 billion won (approximately $2.2 million USD) total investment, Seungri invested 225 million won (approximately $198,600). He is also listed in documents as orporate promoter, a role of someone typically involved in the formation of a company. He is also listed as an executive along with Lee Sung Hyun, Lee Moon Ho, and Kang XX.

He is listed as co-CEO with 20% holdings, and an employee was quoted as saying:

It is certain that Seungri was definitely an intial investor, and it appears that this was reported as it was shared with major shareholders and people of [major shareholder] Cheonwon Inc.

Source: Soompi
March 8th, 2019: It’s Revealed YG Owns Love Signal Club Thought To Be Owned By Seungri Is Owned By Yang Hyun Suk
YG Announces Enlist Seungri’s Enlistment for March 25th
Source: Asian Junkie | Netizen BuzzKorea Herald
March 9th, 2019: Seungri Is Booked On Violation Of Anti-Prostitution Laws

Police made this statement:

We booked Seungri and changed his status to that of a suspect in order to issue a search and seizure warrant and clear [Seungri] of the suspicions [surrounding him].

In addition, three to four other people who were in the Katalk are being investigated. A warrant was issued to search Club Arena for evidence, and searched from 11am, March 10 until 2pm. KST, and it was reported evidence was found.

Sources: The Chosun Ilbo | Soompi

Complete Breakdown of Seungri Scandal Part 2: Katalk Chats

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