Talent, Creativity & Dedication Come Together For DPR Live Performance At Terminal 5 In NYC


DPR Live’s CTYL Tour will touch down in a whopping 22 cities, and on September 30th he kicked off the North American leg of his first World Tour on in Vancouver. We were able to catch him live in NYC when he performed at Terminal 5 on October 5th.


After hour wait which included sightings from Ted Park and JRE, the night kicked off at 8:30pm with an electric 30 minute set from DJ DaQ who whipped the crowd into a screaming, milly-rocking, twerking frenzy with hits from Blackpink, Big Bang, BTS, Cardi B, Beyonce, and more. Almost immediately we jumping right into back to back performances of “Know Me,” “Cheese & Wine” and “Laputa” off his debut album Coming to You Live followed by two of his old school numbers, God Bless and Thirst.”


Just 2 years ago we were working in basement, we hadn’t made a song or had a fan. We worked hard to give you good music, good video, now you’re returning the love, this crazy…I love you

After a few heartfelt words in which he recounted how DPR came to be, Live jumped right back into performances on oldie “Til I Die” and then his feature for Loco’s “Movie Shoot.”

Energy and screams skyrocketed when DPR IAN, aka Christian Yu, DPR’s Film Director took to the stage to reiterate the nights theme, of awe and gratitude by thanking the DPR team, specifically DPR Rem, aka Scott, and fans for making the CTYL Tour a possibility. This was followed by Action and Playlist and then, the infamous among DPR stans, LIVE’s cousin, Jimmy Cline took the stage to show off some dance moves. DPR LIVE then took a break to talk to fans about the music:

‘Coming To You Live’ was my debut album, we wanted to show diversity because of how easy for artists to be put in a small box. The goal is to be as creative as you can fucking be, CTYL is DIVERSITY. For ‘Jasmine’ and my second album, I wanted to be more detailed, to zone into my love story, create an album that is relatable.”

The night was closed out with performances of LIVE’s entire 2nd album HER,” then for the final song, To Myself,” all of DPR came on stage during which Christian performed all of the fan service by going around stage and giving heart fingers and thanking fans.
DPR is unique in that every member of the operation is front an center, fans of LIVE’s music know very well who is involved in the whole operation of bring us that final product, whether it be a song, a video or an album. All tours are pulled off with hard work, but because of the nature of DPRCTYL felt like a behind the scenes looks of the operation, and left fans feeling like a bigger part of making the final product.
The North American leg of CTYL ends in San Francisco on October 14, and picks up again in Europe from November 7th to 12, and closes in Asia from December 2nd to 16th. Grab your tickets before they sell out.
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