[Playlist] 57 Korean Songs For Summer ’18


Artist: DJ HYO | Album: Sober (Single)

Why Don’t You Know ft. Nucksal

Artist: Chungha | Album: Hands On Me

라라라 (La La La) ft. Chungha

Artist: Babylon | Album: La Vida Loca

Cover Up

Artist: Taeyeon | Album: The 1st Album- ‘My Voice’


Artist: HyunA | Album: Following


Artist: Jessica | Album: Wonderland

Ocean View

Artist: Yuseol | Album: Ocean View

Stone Heart

Artist: Taemin | Album: The 2nd Album- ‘Move’

Save Me

Artist: Bangtan Boys | Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (Special Album)

데리러 가 (Good Evening)

Artist: SHINee | Album: The 6th Album- ‘The Story of Light’ Ep. 1

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