What I’m Listening To: April 2018

The month of April saw the release of the first batch of summer jams, and some chill numbers. Plus a bop that made it’s way back into my rotation for ‘Back For Me.’

Artist: Penomeco | Album: Good Morning (Single) | Release: March 22, 2018

Good Morning ft. 카더가든 (Car, the garden)

Penomeco goes on trip down memory lane with single “Good Morning.” With this single Penomeco carves out a space for himself. Among his Fanxychild crew, he had the least definded sound, his releases up until this point reflecting that. Not only is “Good Morning” unlike anything we’ve seen or heard from Zico, Dean, or Crush but it’s unlike what any other rapper is doing right now. It’s fresh.

Artist: Super Junior | Album: The 8th Repackage Album- ‘The Replay’ | Release: April 12, 2018

Lo Siento ft. Leslie Grace

Super Junior set a standard for cross cultural collaboration with “Lo Siento.” Super Junior along with Leslie Grace and Play-N-Skillz manage to take all of the best things about Pop and Latin music and blend them together for a shining example of Cultural Appreciation. A flawless effort.

Artist: Super Junior | Album: Super Duper (SM Station) | Release: March 23, 2018

Super Duper

Super Junior has fun on this SM Station release. While a light-hearted song meant to be a fun transition song at concerts, “Super Duper” is and comes off as a filler song. Having it released as a SM Station song sort of exposes the SM project as a cash grab rather than a platform for artists to release music with less restriction on creativity or genre. Read my full review of the “Super Duper” here.

Artist: DBSK | Album: The 8th Album- ‘New Chapter #1 : The Chance of Love’ | Release: March 28, 2018

평행선 (Love Line)

“Love Line” is a clean little bop from the duo, perharps a bit too youthful for 30 year old men, but they work it out.

Artist: DBSK | Album: The 8th Album- ‘New Chapter #1 : The Chance of Love’ | Release: March 28, 2018

운명 (The Chance of Love)

Artist: Ten | Album: New Heroes (SM Station) | Release: April 6, 2018

New Heroes

Artist: Hyoyeon | Album: Sober (Single) | Release: April 11, 2018

Sober ft. Ummet Ozcan

Hyoyeon has returned as DJ Hyo with new single “Sober” featuring Dutch producer Ummet Ozcan. With her most polished solo endeavor yet, Hyoyeon ventures into the world of EDM, familiar territory for SM.

Artist: Eric Nam | Album: Honestly | Release: April 11, 2018

Potion ft. Woodie Gochild

Artist: Eric Nam | Album: Honestly | Release: April 11, 2018

Don’t Call Me

Artist: Ha:tfelt  | Release: April 18, 2018


Artist: 이홍기 (Lee Hong Ki) & 유회승 (Yoo Hwe Seung) | Album: FNC Lab ‘사랑했었다 (Still Love You)’ | Release: April 8, 2018

사랑했었다 (Still Love You)

Just gonna leave this here because this says it all.

Artist: Yong Junhyung | Album: 소나기 (Single) | Release: March 22, 2018

소나기 (Sudden Shower) ft. 십센치 (10cm)

Back For More

Artist: 미노 (Mino) & 문희경 (Moon Hee Kyung) | Album: 엄마야  (Single) | Release: May 9, 2016

엄마야 (Don’t Call Me Mama)

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