What I’m Listening To: March, 2018

March came in like a lion and is leaving us with bangers. Let’s jump right into the songs I was jam out to this past month.

Artist: BIGBANG | Album: 꿏길 (Single) | Release: March 13, 2018

꿏길 (Flower Road)

My favs bid farewell to fans, as Dae Sung enlisted, with this tidy little bop. The nature of “Flower Road” is typical, it’s all about saying goodbye with a hope of coming back together which is the usual formula for songs that artists release before heading off to serve, but it’s elevated in a way only can Big Bang, reminding us we can always rely on Big Bang for a bop.

“Flower Road” runs in the same circles as their other Hip Hop Ballads such as “Blue” and “Let’s Not Fall In Love.” The star of this stripped down instrumental is the guitar that makes the song almost an A Capella feel, giving each members their chance to shine.

Artists: Joo Young | Release: March 2, 2018

Album: Fountain

“Fountain” is 6 track reminder that two years was too long to go without new Joo Young music. This album submerges you in chill vibes as Joo Young’s clear and breathy voice dances through soulful jam after soulful jam.

The highlight tracks were “Wine,” which features G.Soul, whose two year hiatus I am currently struggling through, and “Dive.”

Artist: Got7 | Album: Eyes On You | Release: March 12, 2018


I gravitate to Look for the chorus, when this song starts to dive into that Dance Music territory that’s when it starts to feel fresh. Got7 has hit a plateau with their music, with their last few releases sounding more or less the same, but “Look” pushes them a little into a positive direction.

After seeing them perform this in 2x on Weekly Idol, I want, no need, a slightly sped up Remix version of “Look,” that could give this song the elevation it needs to stand out.

Artist: Ilhoon | Album: Big Wave | Release: March 8, 2018

She’s Gone

“She’s Gone” is pleasant surprise from BtoB rapper Ilhoon. Ilhoon managed to set himself apart from his group, and from the many other idol rappers on the scene by throwing in the distinct rock guitar in this number.

It can be hard for artists to create a lane and a sound for themselves especially coming from a group, but it’s the little details that make the world of difference. All it took was this injection of a Rock styled guitar riff for this song to be elevated and take the rest of the album with it.

Big Wave

Artist: iKon | Album: Rubber Band (Single) | Release: March 5, 2018

Rubber Band

Artists: Muzie | Release: March 12, 2018

Album: New Wave City

Artist: Loco | Album: 나타나줘 (Single) | Release: March 14, 2018

나타나줘 (Post It) ft. 박재범 (Park Jaebeom)


Late To The Party

Artists: Killagramz  | Release:

Album: Princess

Back For More

Nostalgia reign supreme in this month’s “Back For More.” With the release of Big Bang’s pre-enlistment song, “Flower Road” I got to listening to their discography, since I can’t list all 10 years worth of music, I’ve shared a few of my favourites. Also, a mini throwback with SHINee.

Artist: BIGBANG | Album: Hot Issue | Release: November 22, 2007

바보 (Fool)

Artist: BIGBANGAlbum: Always | Release: August 16, 2007


Artist: BIGBANG | Album: Since 2007 | Release: December 22, 2006

She Can’t Get Enough

Artist: SHINee | Album: The 5th Album ‘1 of 1’ | Release:


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