Review: Super Duper by Super Junior

Super Junior dropped single “Super Duper,” a sort of teaser for their April comeback in the form of a SM Station release.

I absolutely see why this song didn’t make it as an official Super Junior release and just one for SM Station. It’s noisy, and a bit cluttered and not much is going on lyrically. The instrumental alone actually sounds great as a club track, adding their vocals is another layer of noise that makes the whole thing a little chaotic, but it somehow works. This is a fun b-side song that actually suits the group incredibly well because Super Junior’s sense of humor and the thing that makes them fun and entertaining shines through in this song.

Looking at their performances of the song at concerts it is clearly just a fun, intermission/encore song that’s not meant to be taken too seriously. SM realized this little bop could do well with fans and they needed a release for SM Station, so here we are. “Super Duper” is quintessential fun Super Junior and works as a little something something to get us ready for the real comeback.

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