What I’m Listening To: February, 2018

Let’s jump right into the February 2018 ‘What I’m Listening To.’

Album: | Release

잘가라 (Goodbye)

Artist: Hong Jin Young


Hong Jin Young is the darling of Trot music, and for good reason. She is younger than your typical trot singer, and the youthfulness she brings to the this style of music makes the already versatile genre even more fresh and easy to listen to.

Album:봉제선 (Single) | Release: February 7, 2018

봉제선 ft. Suran

Artist: Dynamic Duo

I love a singing Gaeko, but I feel like we haven’t heard from rapping Gaeko in a while and he is missed. I also dig a Suran x Dynamic Duo collab. Her voice is complimentary to every rapper she has worked with, so this was an inevitable success.

Album: Monster (Single) | Release: February 2, 2018


Artist: Henry

“Monster” isn’t terribly original, I’ve heard some variation of this before, however, it’s a good listen. Henry is actually a solid vocalist and songs like “Monster” give him the platform to remind us of that.

Album: Baby Don’t Stop | Release: March 2018

Baby Don’t Stop

Artist: Ten & Taeyong

This is a duo I never even thought about, but that’s why I’m not the record exec. “Baby Don’t Stop” is an instant fav! First off, Ten is out of the SM basement, the song is chill with just enough edge for both members to get equal time to shine, it’s got a few peaks at the harmonies that SM artists do so well, the choreography is pretty on point, and we get a little peak at Taeyong’s vocal abilities. Love, love, love.

Album: Boss (Single) | Release: March 2018


Artist: NCT U

“Boss” is very NCT 127 in that it starts of with a pretty promising foundation and builds into a lackluster chorus, but the members’ ability to put on a performance and the swag and flavour that the bring to the track makes it work. It grows on you.

It really doesn’t matter because the model of NCT doesn’t really allow for the groups to create their own distinct lane, but “Boss” muddied the waters between NCT U and NCT 127. We don’t really have a strong point of reference for NCT U because the haven’t done nearly as much as the other NCT sub groups, but this is such a big departure from “7th Sense” and so much more in line with what NCT 127 has done, that in combination with the member changes, this felt like a NCT 127 release that was passed off as a NCT U release for the sake of pleasing fans who have been waiting for that comeback.

Late To The Party

Album: 1집 – Melody Quus | Release: August 2, 2003

Don’t Cry

Aritst: The Cross

I stumbled on this oldie while watching clips from I Can See Your Voice, a show where celebrities have to find the singer in a group of people.

While I don’t ordinarily listen to rock music, Korean rock is actually a favourite. K-Rock songs are always breath taking because the lead singers are constantly coming for your favs with out of this world high notes.

Album: 1집 – Asura | Release: October 1, 1999

사랑, 결코 시들지 않는 (Love Never Dies)

Artist: Seo Moon Tak

Ctrl. C + Ctrl. V my comments for “Don’t Cry.” I also found this lovely rock ballad on ICSYV as well and it’s another K-Rock stunner.

Album: I’m Good (Single) | Release: June 23, 2017

I’m Good

Artist: Henry

My New Years resolution was to get out of my music comfort zone and listen to the things I usually skip over, and that’s how I found myself at this song. Henry just wasn’t an artist whose music I gravitated towards, but after hearing his song Monster, I decided to go back and give a listen to his older releases and I found out I had been sleeping on this little bop.

Album: Pink Revolution | Release: September 26, 2016

Boom Pow Love

Artist: APink

I have said this a few times, but the aegyo girl groups are not my taste, so for that reason I tend to graze past APink release. However, while doing some mid-winter cleaning of my iTunes I found a few APink albums and found “Boom Pow Love.”

Back For More

Album: 1집 – Tri-Angle | Release: October 11, 2004

Million Men

Artist: DBSK

A DBSK classic! A classic.

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