What I’m Listening To: January 2018


The last few months of 2017 were rough, and for that reason I only managed to muster our end of the year list (which you can find here), so I’m starting off the new year with a pretty jam packed ‘WILT’ list complete with some ‘Back For More’ and ‘Late To The Party’ picks.

Let’s get into it shall we?

Album: Return | Release: January 25, 2018

돗대 (One And Only) by B.I

Artist: B.I | Listen

We’ve kind of heard “돗대 (One And Only)” from B.I before with his and Bobby’s “이리오너라 (Anthem),” but what elevates this song is the lyrics. B.I puts a spin on the usual boastful nature of rap by acknowledging his relatively low position on the totem-pole and being prideful of that but confident in his position will soon change.

Unfortunately, what could have been a great single for B.I is smothered among iKon’s b-sides, the same disservice we see committed against Jimin of Bangtan Boys with the placement of his “Serendipity” on “Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’.”

사랑을 했다 (Love Scenario)

Artist: iKON | Listen

My one issue with the song is the agonizing wait for the “drop” that never comes. After enough replays I can live with it, but it’s hard to ignore completely.

Album: Poet l Artist | Release: January 23, 2018

우린 봄이 오기 전에 (Before Our Spring)

Artist: Jonghyun | Listen

빛이 나 (Shinin’)

Artist: Jonghyun | Listen

Album: The 2nd Album Repackage- ‘The Perfect Red Velvet’ | Release: January 29, 2018

Bad Boy

Artist: Red Velvet | Listen

Red Velvet returns with 90s R&B girl group realness. While I do love “Ice Cream Cake” or “Dumb Dumb Dumb” Red Velvet, nothing beats this Red Velvet. Sultry, mature R&B with all of the bewitching harmonies, Red Velvet.

Album: 주인공 (Single) | Release: January 18, 2018

주인공 (Heroine)

Artist: Sunmi | Listen

Album: I’ll Be There | Release: December 26, 2017

No Answer

Artist: G.Soul | Listen

Album: Instagram (Single) | Release: December 26, 2017


Artist: DEAN | Listen

Release: December 26, 2017


Artist: DPR Live | Listen

This album was an honorable mention in my Top 50 Songs of 2017 list only because I didn’t want to fill the list up with DPR Live songs.

Album: 8th Single Album- ‘Ego’ | Release: December 13, 2017


Artist: B.A.P | Listen

The instrumental on this song is so unique and fresh, and for the most part B.A.P handled it well. It lacked polish in the chorus, but it’s the most I’ve enjoyed a B.A.P song since their One Shot album.

Album: 놓지마 (Hold Me) | Release: December 27, 2017


Artist: Eric Nam | Listen

One of my resolutions for the 2018 is to make more of an effort to listen to music, for lack of a better phrase, “outside my comfort zone.” My first stop was Eric Nam, whose music I’ve never gotten around to listening to despite wanting to. My resolution is already paying off with 4am, a solid, emotional R&B number.

Album: So Hot (THEBLACKLABEL Remix)) | Release: December 27, 2017


Artist: Blackpink

I am not one for Remixes because rarely do the ever elevate the original number. This very YG-esque take on the Wonder Girls’ “So Hot” is an impeccable refresh of this 11 year old classic. It is perfectly Blackpink and a great homage to one of Kpop’s greatest.

Album: Lip & Hip (Single) | Release: December 4, 2017

Lip & Hip

Artist: HyunA | Listen

Late to The Party

Album:The 1st Album- ‘My Voice’ | Release: February 28, 2017

Cover Up

Artist: Taeyeon | Listen

Cover Up was the hidden gem among Taeyeon’s three album releases in 2017. I appreciate Taeyeon’s talents but her music is not always my taste, but Cover Up is a sweet dance song that is unique enough for Taeyeon that I feel it deserved to be promoted.

Back For More

Album: The 5th Album ‘1 of 1’ | Release: October 5, 2016

Feel Good

Artist: SHINee | Listen

Album: The Collection: Story Op. 2 | Release: April 24, 2017

놓아줘 (Let Me Out)

Artist: Jonghyun | Listen

As I mentioned in my end of the year list, Jonghyun’s passing prompted me to finally get around to listening to this April 2017 release, and it has been on replay pretty much ever since. It’s emotional, raw, and telling of his struggle and I know this song is one that will stand the test of time.

Album: The 4th Album Repackage ‘Married To The Music’ | Release: August 3, 2015

Married To The Music

Artist: SHINee | Listen

Album: Basic | Release: August 3, 2015

웜홀 (Warm Hole)

Artist: Brown Eyed Girls | Listen

Album: Wine | Release: August 3, 2015

오늘 취하면 (If I Get Drunk Today) ft. 창모 (Changmo) (Prod. SUGA)

Artist: Suran | Listen
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