[Shout Out To 2017] Top 50 Songs Of 2017

30보라색 (Purple) With 이던 (E’Dawn) by 현아 (HyunA)
Album: Following | Release: August 29, 2017 | Listen

29. Pattern by 이해리 (Lee Haeri)
Album: Pattern (Single) | Release: April 12, 2017 | Listen

28. 도깨비 (Hobgoblin) by 씨엘씨 (CLC)
Album: Crystyle | Release: January 17, 2017 | Listen

HyunA worked wonders for this group. Hobgoblin is a bop and it put them on the map, and it’s been a launch pad for CLC to carve out a style of music that works for them.

Other Notable 2017 Releases From CLC: I Like It

27. Wi-Fi With 지코 (Zico) by 윤종신 (Yoon Jong Shin)
Album: 2017 월간 윤종신 2월호 | Release: February 24, 2017 | Listen

“Wi-Fi” was creative and witty. It was deliberate with its exploration of love in this new modern digital world. To have the song “short out” throughout to imitate what you hear when trying to listen to music on bad wifi, but also to convey the shakiness and unreliable nature of the relationship in the song was brilliantly blatant.

See my full review of “Wi-Fi” on ITHYK

26. Likey by 트와이스 (Twice)
Album: Twicetagram | Release: October 30, 2017 | Listen

I am not one for the aegyo, ultra feminine girl group numbers, but every so often one of ‘em get me, and “Likey” was it. I’m not gonna front like I’m not out here doing the dance and singing along to every word, because I am. I enjoy every second of this song for all one million times I’ve listened to it.

Other Notable Twice 2017 Releases: Knock Knock

25. (Water) ft. 지소울 (G-Soul) by Dumbfoundead
Album: Foreigner | Release: May 23, 2017 | Listen
Other Notable 2017 Dumbfoundead Releases: See #25 | See my review of Foreigner on ITHYK

24. Super Star by G- (G-Dragon)
Album: Kwon Ji Young (EP) | Release: June 8, 2017 | Listen

GD’s self titled album is all about him wanting to find a real and meaningful relationship, and “Super Star” puts all of those feelings in one, modern, catchy package. This is a radically new side of G-Dragon. For one, it is the most personal we have seen him and the sound is fresh and unique in his vast discography, both as a soloist and a member of a group.

Other Notable 2017 Releases From G-Dragon: Kwon Ji Yong (EP) | See my review on ITHYK

23. 아주 오래된 연인들 (Very Long Term Lovers) ft. 지소울 (G-Soul) by 진보 (Jinbo)
Album: KRNB2 Part 1 | Release: June 16, 2017 | Listen

Jinbo gives a 80s Synth Pop/Electronic remix to 015B’s ’92 song “아주 오래된 연인들 (Very Long Term Lovers)” with G.Soul on vocals for a soulful twist.

Other Notable 2017 Releases From Jinbo: KRNB2 Part 1KRNB2 Part 2, KRNB2 Part 3

22. 오늘 취하면 (If I Get Drunk Today) ft. 창모 (Changmo) (Prod. SUGA) by 수란 (Suran)
Album: Wine | Release: April 27, 2017 | Listen
Other Notable 2017 Releases From Suran: Walking1+1=0 ft. DΞΔN쩔쩔매줘 (Loss)

21. Woo by 긱스 (Geeks)
Album: Fireworks | Release: July 18, 2017 | Listen
Other Notable 2017 Releases From Geeks: 스무고개 (20 Questions)큰일났어 (Troubles Travel) ft. 테일러 (Taylor)Good Girl ft. 효린 (Hyorin) & Duplex G 

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