We Effect Tour Brings Just Music Artists To NYC

On November 25, 2017 label Just Music’s US tour made it’s final stop in NYC, performing at the Stage 48 club.

Osshun Gum took the stage first and kept things pretty calm and chill, but once Han Yohan took to the stage with his rock inspired hits there was not a moment of rest until Swings came on and started off his section with a few slow jams “for the ladies.”

The intensity only built as Giriboy, then Genius Nonchang took the stage with the peak coming with the joint stage of Gortexx & Blacknut. They didn’t stop moving and bounced from every corner of the stage. During their set Gortexxx gave us a preview of a song that will be on his upcoming album, expected to release in early 2018.

The show closed out with big hitter and veteran Bill Stax formerly Vasco, then CJamm, the clear fan favourite (he had fans pawing at his legs), and finally the Just Music’s CEO, Swings, came out to last, starting out with a few mellow numbers to catch your breath to but moved on to his high energy tracks. The show ended rather abruptly despite calls for an encore from fans, who were told to head to the after party before lights came one.

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