[REVIEW/RECAP] HyunA Becomes “The Queen” of New York For A Day

HyunA, a former member of girl groups Wonder Girls and 4minute, embarked her first ever U.S tour, which kicked off in February. We attended the New York leg of her tour on March 3rd.


The night opened with a performance of Roll Deep by a dance crew who won a competition for the chance to open for HyunA. After their impeccable cover, the MC for the night entered the stage and got the crowd hyped, and after few minutes of cheering, the lights dimmed, the fog machine kicked up a notch and HyunA entered the stage to Roll Deep.”

After her performance ended, the MC returned to the stage accompanied by her translator for the first of many interactive breaks with the audience. Since she “would not look as good by the end of the show” HyunA proceeded to pose for photos at the left, right and center stage.

From the fan photo-op HyunA went right into performances ofIce Cream from her album Melting then French Kiss from A Talk.” She then transitioned into another break were she engaged with fans for a mini “Talk Show” where she answered questions the concert goers left on post-it notes on a cork board in the Town Hall lobby.

In one question a fan asked what she would like to be written about her if the New York Times wrote an article about her show in NYC to which she responded the attendance size , which she noted throughout the show was the biggest turn out yet.

HyunA was also asked about a possible album in the works which she said she would begin work on once she finished giving her all for her “The Queen’s Back” tour.

From her HyunA went into a performace of U&Me.” Which was followed by a video that featured highlights from her career and BTS from her tour.

After the video HyunA re-emerged in a sexier stage look of a crop top hoodie, hot pants, sneakers, and a high pony for her performance of Red.” Shocked at how well the fans were singing along, she took a moment to test the audience’s knowledge of her lyrics by going through the chours of “Red” line by line. After this game, the MC and translator returned for the last game of the nighyt, “Are You Like HyunA?” For this game 3 fans were brought up and took turns playing with HyunA,  where two options were put up on the screen and after the count of 3 they had to shout out their favorite of the two. If they matched with HyunA 3 times they won a prize.

After the game a fan dance-off started where 5 fans perfomed their best dance moves to HyunA’s “How’s That.”

Following the dance off HyunA ended the concert with her debut solo debut song Change,” then 꼬리쳐 (Freaky),” andHow’s That off of her latest album A’wesome,” And following a fan cry for an encore, she performed Bubble Pop! from album Bubble Pop! to close the show.

This was my first time seeing a woman artist live in concert, and HyunA really set a precedent. She had the most interactive and intimate concert of any artist I have ever seen live. Her concert was very detailed, well thought out, and engaging, and best of all catered to her fans enjoyment most of all. I look forward to the next time HyunA returns to the States, I will definitely be there!!

Photos by Shanice Moffett | Follow us on FacebookTwitterTumblrInstagram, and Google+

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