What I’m Listening To: February, 2017


I’m just gonna jump right into this my February 2017 list of fav releases!

Seoul Vibes

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One of our Favs from August 2016 was the YouTube channel, Seoul Vibes, which curates Korean Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Drum & Bass Lounge songs. They were on a hiatus, but are now back in full force! Head over to their YouTube account for new jams from underground and unknown Korean artists!

Here are some songs selected by Seoul Vibes:


미안해 (I’m Sorry) ft. 빈지노 (Beenzino)

Artist: Zion.T | Album: OO

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Other great listens from Zion.TComplex ft. G-용 (G-Dragon)


Body Talk

Artist: Red Velvet| Album: Rookie

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While I like Red Velvet’s, about half the time I don’t like their releases and the other half I am obsessed! This time around I was not a fan, at all, of “Rookie.” However, this time around two of their non-title tracks really grabbed me. “Talk To Me,” and most of all “Body Talk” are unlike anything I’ve heard from Red Velvet before.

“Talk To Me” nodded to their typical, upbeat, almost hyper tunes, but retained a bit of maturity. “Body Talk,” however, was slow and sensual, the exact opposite of their typical, super girly, fast paced, aegyo numbers.

Other great listens from Red VelvetTalk To Me 


넘어와 (Come Over) ft. 백예린 (Baek Yerin)

Artist: DEAN | Album: Limbo

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Don’t Recall

Artists: K.A.R.D | Album: Vol. 2- ‘Don’t Recall’

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After an unexpectedly strong debut with “Oh Na Na,” K.A.R.D had a lot to live up to after making such a strong impression with their first single. “Don’t Recall,” wasn’t as strong a song as “Oh Na Na,” but still lived up to the precedent that the group set the first time around.

It was a well balanced dance number, and the group shows a promising future as a co-ed group.


반창고 (Band Aid)

Artist: MC몽 (Mong) x 허각 (Huh Gak) | Album: 반창고 (Single)

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졸업사진 (Single)

졸업사진 (Graduation Picture)

Artist: 김진호 (Kim Jinho) | Album: 졸업사진 (Single)

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Not Today

Artist: 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Boys) | Album: You Never Walk Alone

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